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World: US News

Burger King says sorry for Russian World Cup pregnancy ad

Thursday  09:00,   21 june 2018

Burger King says it's sorry for offering a lifetime supply of Whoppers to Russian women who get pregnant by World Cup players. Critics assailed the offer as sexist and demeaning. Burger King took the announcement off its social media accounts in [...]

Frogs and toads are disappearing from our gardens as households pave over grass and ponds fall out of favour

Thursday  08:40,   21 june 2018

The RSPB is urging people to get outside and create simple ponds and pools in their outdoor spaces this summer. A frog is happy in something as small as an upturned bin lid filled with water.    © Provided by Associated[...]

Facebook ordered to explain why it deleted the profile of a dead man after a mysterious request

Thursday  02:00,   21 june 2018

Facebook has been ordered to reveal why the profile of a jazz musician was deleted two years after his death, according to reports. Facebook withheld information from Mirza Krupalija's partner, but a British judge said the company must disclose[...]

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Keep Immigrant Families Together

Wednesday  23:55,   20 june 2018

In a sudden reversal, President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order that he says will keep together immigrant families who have been detained at the U.S. border, while also retaining his administration’s so-called “zero-tolerance”[...]

Children’s cough syrup recalled over mould fears

Wednesday  14:36,   20 june 2018

Affected products include some from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Wilko and Tesco. If you have own-brand blackcurrant children’s cough syrup, check to see if you have any bottles from certain batches. If your bottle is affected do not[...]

Lucky one? The face of Trump's border policy

Wednesday  12:31,   20 june 2018

A young mother who was allowed to slip through Donald Trump's zero-tolerance border crackdown has described the traumatic scenes inside controversial detention centres. The 21-year-old from Honduras crossed into the US from Mexico on Thursday[...]

Glamour model, 28, reveals how ISIS recruiter brainwashed her on Facebook before grooming her to move to Syria and become the next White Widow

Wednesday  11:47,   20 june 2018

Glamour model, 28, reveals how ISIS recruiter brainwashed her on Facebook before grooming her to move to Syria and become the next White WidowKimberley Miners, 29, from London, claims she was groomed and indoctrinated online by ISIS recruiter Naweed [...]

Who Is Gosport GP Jane Barton, And What Is She Accused Of Doing?

Wednesday  09:50,   20 june 2018

A retired GP stands accused of being responsible for possibly hundreds of patients’ early deaths. A government panel, led by the former bishop of Liverpool James Jones, has reviewed 833 death certificates signed by Dr Jane Barton and will reveal its [...]

Why Great White Sharks Hang Out in Warm Whirlpools

Wednesday  09:30,   20 june 2018

New research on famous white sharks Mary Lee and Lydia shows the giant fish spend a surprising amount of time in warm oceanic eddies.Foremost among the many questions that remain: Where do they spend most of their time, and what guides their[...]

Canada Has Just Passed a Landmark Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Wednesday  08:55,   20 june 2018

Canada passed a landmark bill Tuesday legalizing recreational marijuana, becoming the second country to make pot legal nationwide. The legislation will allow Canadians to buy and consume weed as soon as September, the BBC reports. It is expected to[...]

Paedophile football coach Barry Bennell launches sentence challenge

Wednesday  08:06,   20 june 2018

Court of Appeal judges in London will review his 30-year jail term for sex offences against boys he coached between 1979 and 1991. © Provided by The Press Association Barry Bennell appearing via videolink at Liverpool Crown Court [...]

Culture Secretary encourages ban on mobile phones in the classroom

Wednesday  06:00,   20 june 2018

Matt Hancock believes the devices can have a “real impact” on pupils’ achievements.Matt Hancock hailed those who do not allow the devices during school hours, and said more heads show “follow their[...]

At least five people are injured as short-circuiting power drill battery causes explosion at Southgate Tube station in London forcing police to evacuate locals from their homes

Wednesday  02:40,   20 june 2018

Two people have been hospitalised after an explosion at Southgate Tube station in Enfield, North London.Terrified commuters fled Southgate Tube station in panic after a electronic device overheated just after[...]

US pulls out of UN Human Rights Council

Wednesday  02:20,   20 june 2018

Trump administration officials on Tuesday said the U.S. has pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley announced the withdrawal alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, following multiple news reports that[...]

'Dead' man stuns grieving family when he turns up at his own wake after badly burned body is wrongly identified by police in Paraguay

Tuesday  15:11,   19 june 2018

Juan Ramon Alfonso Penayo had been missing for several days after leaving his home in the village of Santa Teresa in the eastern Paraguayan department of Amambay.  Police then discovered the gruesome remains of a charred body that could not be[...]