US News Ravenous Blue Whale Swallows Nearly An Entire Shoal Of Krill In One Mouthful

16:30  19 april  2017
16:30  19 april  2017 Source:   Huffington Post UK

Baby whales 'whisper' to mums to avoid predators

  Baby whales 'whisper' to mums to avoid predators Newborn humpback whales and their mothers whisper to each other to avoid attracting predators, scientists claim.  Known for their loud songs, the new discovery shows the giants use quieter communication to reduce the chances of them being tracked down by killer whales and male humpbacks looking for an opportunity to mate.Dr Simone Videsen, from the University of Aarhus in Denmark, who led the research in Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia, said: "We ... heard a lot of rubbing sounds, like two balloons being rubbed together, which we think was the calf nudging its mother when it wants to nurse.

February 22, 2017 by raven fon. One correspondent from rfe/RL wanted to see how the blue whale game worked, so they created a fake profile of a 15-YEAR old girl, on the vkontake site.

In fact the primary diet of blue whales consists almost solely of krill (occasionally fish) which are small aquatic shrimp like invertebrate that typically measure between 1 -2 centimeters long although some may grow to be nearly 6 inches in size. What about the blue whales mouth ?

  Ravenous Blue Whale Swallows Nearly An Entire Shoal Of Krill In One Mouthful

Blue whales are the largest and heaviest animals on the planet, spanning up to 25 metres and weighing around 140 tonnes.

The gigantic ocean-dwellers have an appetite to match and can swallow half a million calories in a single mouthful.

Now, scientists off the coast of New Zealand have captured drone footage of a particularly voracious “bluey” tucking into a hearty lunch.

In one long motion, the whale turns on to its side, pumps its flukes, opens its mouth and swallows nearly an entire mass of krill.

  Ravenous Blue Whale Swallows Nearly An Entire Shoal Of Krill In One Mouthful © Oregon State University YouTube

The whales, which feed almost exclusively on the small crustaceans, are discerning when it comes to deciding which shoal to target.

Two children seriously injured in hit-and-run

  Two children seriously injured in hit-and-run A two-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl are seriously injured in hospital following a hit-and-run crash.  Police are appealing for information following the collision, which happened when a blue Volkswagen Golf lost control in Harwood Street in Blackburn, Lancashire, hitting a red Volkswagen Golf travelling in the opposite direction.Officers said the occupants of the blue car got out of the vehicle. A white Vauxhall Astra van arrived at the scene a short time later.One of the occupants then got into the boot of the van before it drove off towards Eanam, police said.

While consuming krill the blue whale may coincidentally swallow fish, crustaceans and squid that happen to be swimming in or near the school of krill it is hunting. In regards to diving for food the amount of time a blue whale dives for generally last around 10 minutes

Krill eaters: Blue whales feed exclusively on krill . Once the mouth is clear of water, the remaining krill , unable to pass through the plates, are swallowed . According to Ted Dewan's Inside the Whales and Other Animals, as well as krill , the Blue whale filters small fish and squid.

“Every time a blue whale opens its mouth, it’s like putting on the brakes, so it slows way down,” said Leigh Torres, principal investigator at Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute. “These animals have to make decisions about what it’s worth opening their mouths for.”

In the next shot in the video, a blue whale turns on its side as it approaches a small krill patch, signalling it’s ready to lunge.

But, at the last moment, it changes its mind, swimming straight through the shoal, rather than gobbling it up.

“Modeling studies of blue whales ‘lunge-feeding’ theorize that they will not put energy into feeding on low-reward prey patches,” Torres said. “Our footage shows this theory in action.”

The researcher added that the study was made possible thanks to the use of small drones, which have several advantages over conventional techniques.

“It’s hard to get good footage from a ship,” Torres said, “and planes or helicopters can be invasive because of their noise. The drone allows us to get new angles on the whales without bothering them.”

Alien hunter: NASA photo shows ventilation roof of underground Martian city .
Scientists say honeycomb formations surrounding a strange-looking Martian crater recently photographed by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are eroded sand dunes, but UFO hunters know better. Those are no dunes — they're the superstructure of a ventilation roof for an underground city inhabited by tiny aliens, theorizes Scott C. Waring, author of a blog called "UFO Sightings Daily."They would have to be on the petite side as the crater — which NASA describes as a heavily eroded mesa in Noctis Labyrinthyuson, a region in the western end of Valles Marineris — is less than a half kilometer in width.

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