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Family Charged Over Animal Neglect After 13 Horses Found Dead in 'Massacre'

Tuesday  10:30,   22 may 2018

"That's a massacre. It's not neglect," property owner Michael Cheung said.David Lee Small, Victoria Small and their son, Jason Leroy Small, have all been charged with permitting an animal to be in distress, failing to provide[...]

What the papers say – May 22

Tuesday  10:05,   22 may 2018

Official photos from the royal wedding are used across many of the papers.Kensington Palace released the snaps, which show the newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex surrounded by their bridal party and the royal family, or sharing an intimate[...]

Thousands of Human Bones Reveal 'Barbarian' Battle Rituals

Tuesday  09:40,   22 may 2018

<p>Archaeologists working in a sprawling wetland in Denmark have uncovered 2,000-year-old human remains that are challenging traditional ideas about "barbarian" warfare in northern Europe.</p>What the team[...]

A year on: Manchester bomb victims remembered

Tuesday  09:09,   22 may 2018

A service of remembrance is being held today to mark the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena terror attack. Relatives of the 22 people who died and some of the survivors of the bomb will be joined by the Duke of Cambridge and the Prime[...]

After the bomb: Manchester families mark anniversary

Tuesday  09:09,   22 may 2018

It is a year since 22 people went to a pop concert and never came home. A year since 22 families had their lives blown apart.As Manchester marks the first of many painful anniversaries, some say their lives feel frozen in time.Video - Manchester[...]

Archbishop convicted over sex abuse cover-up

Tuesday  08:25,   22 may 2018

An archbishop has been found guilty of concealing child sex abuse by a priest, making him the most senior member of the Catholic Church to be convicted of such a charge. Philip Wilson, the archbishop of Adelaide, now faces up to two years in prison [...]

Asteroid orbiting backward around Jupiter is 1st 'interstellar immigrant' from beyond our solar system

Tuesday  06:00,   22 may 2018

A mysterious asteroid that is moving the wrong way around Jupiter is turning heads this week as scientists reveal it's the first "interstellar immigrant" from beyond our solar system to stick around, according to a new study released[...]

Putin claimed a new nuclear missile had unlimited range – but it flew only 22 miles in its most successful test yet

Tuesday  05:40,   22 may 2018

The U.S. assessed that the longest test flight lasted just more than two minutes, with the missile flying 22 miles before losing control and crashing, sources tell CNBC.The cruise missile was tested four times between November and February, each[...]

Danes Use Far Fewer Plastic Bags Than Americans—Here's How

Tuesday  04:30,   22 may 2018

In Denmark, people use an average of four single-use plastic bags a year, compared to one a day in the U.S. But that doesn't mean Danes are satisfied.Time and again I arrive at the supermarket and find myself unarmed with a shopping bag from[...]

Grenfell Tower insulation which burned out of control giving off toxic fumes had NEVER passed the required safety test, claims BBC Panorama investigation

Tuesday  04:05,   22 may 2018

It is alleged by Panorama that the product used on the West London tower was a more flammable version of the fire retardant which had previously passed safety tests.  It comes after a survivor described how he held the body of his stillborn[...]

Louis Tomlinson praises Manchester bombing survivor Freya Lewis as he presents her with NHS Heroes Award

Monday  20:55,   21 may 2018

Freya Lewis was left fighting for her life after the bombing at Manchester Arena last yearThe Manchester bombing survivor was presented with The Young Fundraiser Award by the former One Direction star after raising £27,000 for the hospital that[...]

Speaker admits 'stupid' remark but remains defiant

Monday  20:35,   21 may 2018

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has admitted using the word "stupid" in a row with a top minister but not offered an apology. Mr Bercow came under fire last week after allegedly branding Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom[...]

Harry and Meghan are captured deeply in love in official royal wedding photos taken by Mario Testino's protege (who is a royal himself)

Monday  17:40,   21 may 2018

These are the official wedding photographs released by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today in what must be the boldest and most intimate royal portraits ever released. The newlyweds released three new photographs with a message for the millions of[...]

Is an Interstellar Asteroid Trapped Near Jupiter? Get the Facts.

Monday  17:40,   21 may 2018

The bizarre asteroid known as 2015 BZ509 is being touted as the first known interstellar visitor to stay in our solar system.If you could float above the plane of the solar system, you'd notice that more than[...]

Russian ‘sabre-rattling’ sees rising Royal Navy warship response

Monday  16:50,   21 may 2018

Figures obtained by the Press Association reveal a sharp increase in Russian naval movements near the UK.The figures reveal a dramatic increase in naval movements, with the Royal Navy activated in response to Russian ships on 33 occasions in 2017,[...]