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Philip Roth, fearless and celebrated author, dies at 85

Wednesday  11:05,   23 may 2018

Philip Roth, a prize-winning novelist and fearless narrator of sex, death, assimilation and fate, has died. The celebrated and controversial author of "Portnoy's Complaint," "The Counterlife" and other novels was 85. His[...]

Judge orders teen who started massive Oregon wildfire to pay $36 million

Wednesday  09:50,   23 may 2018

The Oregon teenager who pleaded guilty in February to starting the Eagle Creek wildfire last year was ordered on Monday to pay $36 million in restitution to cover the damage. Hood River County Circuit Court Judge John Olson issued his[...]

Want to See Your Baby? In China, It Can Cost You

Wednesday  09:26,   23 may 2018

A hospital demanded that a woman pay her bills before she could see her newborn twins, illustrating a plight that many face in the Chinese medical system.First, Ms. Logbo said, the hospital told her that she had to pay $630 in hospitalization fees[...]

Judge orders man, 30, to leave parents' home

Wednesday  09:15,   23 may 2018

A 30-year-old man must now move out of his parents' home, a court has ordered following a legal battle. A judge urged Michael Rotondo to move out of his family home in Camillus, near Syracuse in New York, on his own accord but the man, who[...]

Investigators insist MH370 crash was an accident, not a mass murder-suicide by the pilot

Wednesday  08:25,   23 may 2018

Peter Foley, who led the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's failed search for MH370, pushed back on a new theory posited on "60 Minutes.”A competing theory, the official one posited by investigators, says that everybody on the plane — the [...]

Donald Trump Says June 12 North Korea Summit 'May Not Work Out'

Tuesday  20:25,   22 may 2018

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is in Washington for Tuesday a series of meetings with President Trump regarding the upcoming U.S. summit with North Korea – which could be in jeopardy following tough new rhetoric from Pyongyang and a new[...]

Facebook's Zuckerberg arrives for grilling by EU lawmakers over data leak

Tuesday  19:47,   22 may 2018

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has arrived to meet leaders of the European Parliament to answer questions about how the data of millions of Facebook users ended up in the hands of a political consultancy. Tuesday's meeting comes three days before[...]

Pictured: Meghan at first official royal outing

Tuesday  19:26,   22 may 2018

Harry and Meghan have arrived for Prince Charles's 70th birthday party in their first official outing since the wedding. The royal pair are attending a Buckingham Palace garden party as part of the Prince of Wales's celebrations. © PA [...]

An Army sergeant overseas was told his baby died at birth. It was a lie and part of a cruel scheme.

Tuesday  17:36,   22 may 2018

While her husband was serving 10,000 miles away, an Arizona woman tried to hide the evidence of her infidelity, police say.The 24-year-old U.S. Army sergeant was on overseas deployment in Seoul, a patrol supervisor with the 142nd Military[...]

Cambrian Explosion: Major Fossil Study Challenges Theories of Animal Evolution 540 Million Years Ago

Tuesday  16:01,   22 may 2018

Around 550-540 million years ago, there was a remarkable explosion in the diversity and complexity of animal life on Earth.During this time, all the major animal groups that we know today first appeared, such as the euarthropods—the most diverse and [...]

Man, 70, accidentally set fire to his clothes while lighting cigarette – coroner

Tuesday  15:15,   22 may 2018

The pensioner suffered severe burns on 65% of his body.John Nolan’s death near his flat in Tottenham, north London, was the subject of a police appeal for witnesses while they were unable to explain the[...]

Israel says it is the first country to use U.S.-made F-35 in combat

Tuesday  15:06,   22 may 2018

Israel is the first country to have used the U.S.-made F-35 stealth fighter in combat, the Israeli air force chief said on Tuesday in remarks carried by the military's official Twitter account.Local media further quoted Major-General Amikam[...]

Key Salisbury nerve poison site given all clear

Tuesday  13:31,   22 may 2018

The area in the city centre where Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found unconscious has been decontaminated and will be opened at the weekend.An area of The Maltings in Salisbury city centre – where Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia [...]

Emissions plan targets wood-burning stoves

Tuesday  12:26,   22 may 2018

The current trend for wood-burning stoves could come to a sudden end if proposals to clean up the environment come into force. The government is being forced to publish its Clean Air Strategy under EU rules, although the Environment Secretary[...]

Police hunt man accused of sex attacks on buses

Tuesday  12:06,   22 may 2018

Police have released an image of a man they wish to trace.Scotland Yard said the same suspect was believed to have been responsible for at least five offences on crowded services between January and[...]