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UK 'out of step' on university admissions

Tuesday  09:30,   19 june 2018

Offers of a place on a university course should not be made on the basis of "highly inaccurate predicted grades" according to the University and College Union (UCU). Currently, places on degree courses are allocated on what the student is [...]

Long-Lost Panda Relative Revealed by 22,000-Year-Old Fossil

Tuesday  09:25,   19 june 2018

The weathered remains from a cave in China contain the world's oldest sample of panda DNA.In August 2014, paleoanthropologist Yingqi Zhang and his team descended into a sinkhole on the hunt for Gigantopithecus, the largest known primate to ever[...]

PM Tweets Rahul Gandhi On Birthday, Wishes Him "Long And Healthy Life"

Tuesday  09:20,   19 june 2018

PM Tweets Rahul Gandhi On Birthday, Wishes Him "Long And Healthy Life"Rahul Gandhi turns 48 today; it is his first birthday since taking charge of the Congress last[...]

Rare Manta Ray Nursery Discovered

Tuesday  09:15,   19 june 2018

Off the coast of Texas, a coral reef houses a vibrant nursery ground where young manta rays grow up.Stewart, a graduate student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, had studied mantas for years, diving with them all over the world, but in all [...]

Cigarettes responsible for more than half of Irish waste

Tuesday  09:06,   19 june 2018

Pedestrians and passing motorists were among the greatest culprits, according to a National Litter Pollution Report. Cigarette butts were responsible for more than 56% of rubbish discarded on the streets.Packaging items like cardboard, paper,[...]

‘Drunk passenger vomited on my head on Ryanair flight’ Cork man’s journey from hell

Tuesday  08:40,   19 june 2018

Conor Lydon was looking forward to a family holiday in Spain when a drunken passenger turned the first day of his holiday into a journey from hell. Noticing he was tipsy ahead of the trip to Malaga at Cork airport, the self-employed Corkman told[...]

Homeless man who shoplifted toothbrushes gets 18 months

Tuesday  08:05,   19 june 2018

A homeless man who repeatedly stole toothbrushes from a Dublin pharmacy despite being arrested several times has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.None of the toothbrushes was ever recovered. However, after one theft, gardaí apprehended[...]

Man who regularly raped daughter in Mayo home jailed for four years

Tuesday  08:05,   19 june 2018

He abused his daughter while her mother was at work has been jailed for four years.The now 54-year-old woman stated in her victim impact report: “A child should feel safe in their own home, in their own bed, but you took that from me.”“I now know[...]

Evil killer Graham Dwyer 'bombarded with fan mail' behind bars at Midlands Prison

Tuesday  08:00,   19 june 2018

The sicko who stabbed Elaine O'Hara to death for his own sexual pleasure in 2012, is said to be receiving bundles of letters every day .On top of this, sources say women are queuing up to visit the 45-year-old, who they see as "some sort of[...]

Woman dragged by car for 30 yards in terrifying mugging at Malahide Castle

Tuesday  08:00,   19 june 2018

Gardai and an ambulance were rushed straight to the sceneThe woman, aged in her 40s, had her handbag snatched by a passing car at the Malahide tourist spot shortly after[...]

India, China, Pakistan trilateral cooperation can help maintain peace, says Beijing envoy; MEA dismisses suggestion

Tuesday  06:35,   19 june 2018

India, China, Pakistan trilateral cooperation can help maintain peace, says Beijing envoy; MEA dismisses suggestionLater, responding to the remarks on India-Pakistan relations, Raveesh Kumar, official spokesperson for the Ministry of External[...]

Don't doubt govt's intent on next CJI: Law minister

Tuesday  06:15,   19 june 2018

Don't doubt govt's intent on next CJI: Law ministerPrasad was responding to a query over whether the government would accept Justice Ranjan Gogoi, the second seniormost judge in the Supreme Court as the next CJI. Dismissing the question as[...]

Finsbury Park attack: Extremism won't break British values - PM

Tuesday  06:10,   19 june 2018

"Vile" extremism will not break Britain's values, Theresa May has said ahead of a memorial one year after the Finsbury Park terror attack. The death of father-of-six Makram Ali and the injury of a dozen others on 19 June last year[...]

Trump: the US will not turn into a “migrant camp”

Tuesday  06:00,   19 june 2018

The president expressed strong anti-asylum rhetoric on Monday. President Donald Trump says he doesn’t want the United States to turn into a “migrant camp.” “The United States will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee holding facility[...]

Five wounded in Sweden shooting

Tuesday  05:35,   19 june 2018

Five people have been injured in a shooting in the Swedish city of Malmo. Police have said the motive for the shooting is probably criminal and there is no indication it was terror-related.They urged that there was no cause for public alarm. [...]