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Meghan joins Harry, William and Kate as they set out charitable vision of future

Wednesday  15:10,   28 february 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were with Prince Harry and Ms Markle to talk about the Royal Foundation. Ms Markle may not yet be a member of the royal family but she lined up with William, Kate and Harry as the trio prepared to speak about[...]

Drivers told to avoid roads as snow grips UK

Wednesday  11:41,   28 february 2018

Almost 4,000 gritters are ready to take on the freezing weather but drivers are urged to ask themselves if their journeys are "really necessary" as the UK prepares for another bitterly cold day.  Many of the vehicles can be fitted[...]

What the papers say – February 28

Wednesday  11:15,   28 february 2018

Weather tops the agenda once again.The Guardian carries the foreboding photo of London’s skyline, along with a lead report that says an “alarming” heatwave in the Arctic is causing blizzards in[...]

Most cannabis in UK 'is super-strength skunk'

Wednesday  08:36,   28 february 2018

Experts are warning of potential mental health risks after they found most of the cannabis consumed in the UK is super-strength sinsemilla - or skunk. It comes after they found highly-potent strains of cannabis dominated the illegal market in[...]

Schools shut and travel disrupted after heavy snowfall hits UK

Tuesday  16:15,   27 february 2018

It is expected that the mercury could plummet to minus 15C by midweek where there is snow on the ground.Heavy snow has forced hundreds of schools to close and caused disruption to[...]

Nicola Sturgeon dismisses latest Brexit offer in devolution row

Tuesday  12:40,   27 february 2018

Scotland’s First Minister said the Withdrawal Bill seeks to restrict the Scottish Parliament’s powers to legislate in devolved areas.Theresa May’s Government is at odds with Holyrood and Cardiff Bay about whether powers returned from Brussels after[...]

Tesco sorry for 'Dark Panther' costume gaffe

Tuesday  03:10,   27 february 2018

Tesco has apologised after fans of Marvel blockbuster Black Panther questioned why a fancy dress outfit based on the character had been listed on its website as "Dark Panther".Despite the film making more than $704m (£504.1m) in just two[...]

Four far-right terror plots foiled in last year

Tuesday  02:05,   27 february 2018

The terrorist threat from extreme right-wing groups and individuals has grown significantly, with four right-wing plots foiled in the past year, according to the UK's most senior counter-terror police officer. Scotland Yard assistant[...]

Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Fifth Briton dies

Tuesday  00:15,   27 february 2018

A British woman critically injured in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon has died in hospital, according to a family friend. Ellie Milward is the fifth Briton to die as a result of the crash on 10 February.She was on her honeymoon with husband[...]

Labour calls for tourist tax to be introduced

Monday  19:34,   26 february 2018

The party renewed its backing for the levy after council leaders voted to lobby ministers over the issue.The party said the levy on hotel stays would enable local authorities to raise tens of millions of pounds in extra[...]

'Why won't the doctor see me, mummy?': Girl, five, suffering a severe asthma attack died ‘after she was 'sent away by a GP because she was 10 minutes late for an emergency appointment'

Monday  19:12,   26 february 2018

Ellie-May Clark was having a severe asthma attack when she arrived 10 minutes late with her mother Shanice at The Grange Clinic, in Newport, Wales. A five-year-old girl died after being turned away by an NHS doctor because she was 10 minutes late[...]

Flights cancelled as Siberian weather hits Europe

Monday  19:10,   26 february 2018

British Airways cancelled more than 60 short haul flights either departing or arriving from London Heathrow in a bid to protect punctuality. © Getty Snow on cars A number of other flights from the west London hub were delayed.BA is[...]

Thermal-imaging drone helps police make miraculous recovery of man in ditch

Monday  17:15,   26 february 2018

Lincolnshire driver saved from hypothermia by quick-thinking emergency servicesThe man “was discovered in a deep ditch, 500ft (160m) away from his car on the A16 near Ludborough, Lincolnshire,” says the[...]

Isaiah’s parents continue fight for life-support treatment

Monday  17:15,   26 february 2018

The couple said they have asked the European Court of Human Rights to consider the case after losing fights in London.A High Court judge has given doctors permission to provide only palliative care to Isaiah Haastrup – against the wishes of the[...]

BBC Breakfast Presenter Steph McGovern Clarifies Comments On Class And ‘Posh’ BBC Stars Earning More

Monday  16:35,   26 february 2018

Steph McGovern has clarified her comments on the BBC pay gap, after stating that she thinks it’s “not as simple as a gender issue, it’s partly down to class”. In an interview published over the weekend, she was quoted as telling the Sunday[...]