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New Ear Grown On Soldier's Forearm For Transplant

Thursday  14:46,   10 may 2018

The first of its kind operation in the army, physicians at a medical facility in Texas were able to craft the new ear for Pvt. Shamika Burrage, 21. The rare and revolutionary procedure was done by using cartilage from the soldier's rib[...]

Apple scraps $1 billion Irish data center over planning delays

Thursday  14:41,   10 may 2018

Apple ditched plans to build an 850 million euro ($1 billion) data center in Ireland because of delays in the approval process that have stalled the project for more than three years, the iPhone maker said on Thursday. Apple announced plans in[...]

New Google technology promises to carry out "lifelike" conversations

Thursday  14:41,   10 may 2018

Experimental technology, rolling out soon in a limited release, makes you think you’re talking to a real personIn a building called the Partnerplex on Google's sprawling campus in Mountain View, California, I've been invited to hear a[...]

Apple is reportedly pulling apps that share location data

Thursday  11:01,   10 may 2018

Apple has reportedly started enforcing an App Store rule regarding location data more stringently. Apple also told them they need to remove any code, framework or SDK used for location data collection and third-party sharing before their[...]

Apple will sell video subscriptions directly via TV app

Thursday  11:01,   10 may 2018

The feature is coming this year, says a report.The app, which offers iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users a central place to watch videos from services like Amazon's Prime Video, Hulu and HBO Now, will begin selling subscriptions to those kinds of[...]

Found: lone asteroid expelled from early Solar System

Thursday  11:01,   10 may 2018

<p>An asteroid ejected from our infant Solar System found refuge billions of kilometres away, beyond the orbit of Neptune, where it has now been spotted, astronomers said Wednesday.</p>The curious loner is the first carbon-rich asteroid ever[...]

Google redesigns Drive to look more like the new Gmail

Thursday  11:01,   10 may 2018

Google has given Drive a surprise makeover with elements that make it look more like the new Gmail.&nbsp;The redesign doesn't come with new features, but when you get it, you'll notice that The Big G has changed the Drive interface background[...]

Facebook is creating a mysterious blockchain division

Wednesday  15:25,   09 may 2018

Facebook is launching its own blockchain division as part of a broader reorganization of its executive lineup, multiple sources confirmed to Recode today.&nbsp;The company is saying little about its blockchain division for now. But we do know[...]

Google developing Lookout app to aid the visually impaired

Wednesday  15:25,   09 may 2018

The Android app will offer users spoken clues to the objects, text and people around them. The app is designed to be used with a device worn in a shirt pocket or hanging on a lanyard around a user's neck, with its camera pointing away from the[...]

WhatsApp 'Text Bomb' Bug Discovered That Can Crash Your Phone

Wednesday  15:25,   09 may 2018

A WhatsApp “text bomb” bug has been discovered that if opened, causes the victim’s phone to slow down and then crash. The message, which has been shared on Reddit, looks innocent enough but hidden inside it are thousands of simple commands that [...]

Astronomers spot 'toddler planet' by chance

Wednesday  15:25,   09 may 2018

A "toddler planet" has been spotted by chance by an international team of astronomers headed by Dutch scientists from Leiden Univeristy. The planet, which the researchers believe is still growing, was glimpsed while scientists looked at[...]

Gmail adds a predictive type feature called Smart Compose

Wednesday  07:56,   09 may 2018

The feature, called Smart Compose, tries to understand typed text so that artificial intelligence can suggest words and phrases to finish your sentences.&nbsp;&nbsp;The feature, called Smart Compose, tries to understand typed text so that[...]

Uber, US Army partner up for silent electric aircraft tech

Wednesday  07:55,   09 may 2018

They will work together to design, test and develop new co-rotating propeller technology for the vehicles.The partnership will specifically focus on the use of co-rotating rotors for vertical thrust. Basically a pair of propellers stacked and[...]

Yahoo is testing Squirrel, an invite-only group messaging app

Wednesday  07:40,   09 may 2018

The ability to kick off a conversation group is also currently in invitation-only mode, and appears to require a Yahoo login to get started for now. “At Oath, we’re always looking for creative ways to add value to our members’ lives," a spokesperson [...]

Android P: 5 new features coming to your phone

Wednesday  07:35,   09 may 2018

When? That depends on who makes your phone.We now have a public beta, where you can sign up to help the company test out the new wares. And for the first time, Google has opened the beta program to devices outside of its own phone lineup. (You'll[...]