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18:51  11 january  2018
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OnePlus 5 owners get face unlock with OxygenOS beta

  OnePlus 5 owners get face unlock with OxygenOS beta As promised, owners of the original OnePlus 5 can now unlock their phones via facial recognition with the new OxygenOS Open Beta 3 based on Android Oreo. As spotted by XDA, the Face Unlock feature will unlock your phone when you tap the device’s power button and point the camera at your face. Face Unlock is a coveted feature on the newer OnePlus 5T, mostly for convenience because the feature isn’t as secure as a fingerprint or Apple’s Face ID tech (you can’t use it to authorize payments, for example).

This Android Phone With a Built - In Projector Is Perfect For Movie Lovers . The Movi phone is an Android device with a built - in projector .

Don't know if I would pay for a projector , but it might be nice to play around with - especially with Android built in . 300$-400$ price bracket is perfect for HD projector . and answer to the second question is NO . Reply.

a close up of a device: The Movi phone is an Android device with a built-in projector © Wireless Mobi Solution The Movi phone is an Android device with a built-in projector Considering more than half of all video viewing now happens on mobile devices, it’s probably accurate to say that smartphones have become many people’s go-to entertainment device. But there are certainly times when watching a lengthy video or television show on a pocket-sized screen isn’t ideal.

That’s where Movi comes in: It’s an Android smartphone with a built-in pico projector that can project 720p images up to 200 inches in size diagonally. It’s available now for $599 and is unlocked, so it should work with any carrier.

Google is now testing its mysterious Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook

  Google is now testing its mysterious Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook Google has been experimenting with a new operating system, Fuchsia, for more than a year. This isn’t your typical developer operating system, and you’ll need two machines to host and target a Pixelbook to load the OS. It’s very much a work in progress, with early hints at a user interface and functions. It’s still interesting that Google has chosen its own Pixelbook to experiment with, though. Fuchsia has mostly been linked to embedded systems like wearables and Internet of Things devices in the past, but testing was expanded to Intel’s NUC and Acer’s Switch Alpha 12 Chromebooks.

Measuring in with a whopping 7-inch display, the Holofone literally dwarfs the any of its smartphone competitors (it's still considered a phone ) and then completely destroys any screen size comparisons by also having a 45-lumen projector that An Android phablet with a useful Windows PC feature?

However: the further the projector is from a surface, the wider the spread of light becomes. I was left with a near- perfect fit that allows me to slide the phone in and out, with easy access to power and headphone connectors. 10 Great Gifts for Movie Lovers of All Ages. Entertainment.

The idea isn’t entirely new — companies like Motorola sell smartphones that can connect to projector accessories, but those are often expensive. The Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod, which is designed to fit on certain phones in Motorola’s Moto Z line, costs $300. When you add that to the cost of the phone, which can range between $400 and $720 depending on the model, you can end up paying between $700 and around $1,000. From that perspective, the Movi looks like a bargain.

  This Android Phone With a Built-In Projector Is Perfect For Movie Lovers © Provided by TIME Inc. Surprisingly, the Movi’s integrated projector doesn’t add much extra bulk — the device feels almost like any other mid-range Android phone. There’s a 4,000 mAh battery inside the Movi, which should last for about four hours when the projector is turned on. The projected image automatically switches to landscape mode whenever the phone’s screen does, so you don’t have to switch the phone’s orientation. Turning on the projector is as simple as launching an app.

Pixel 2’s ‘Portrait Mode’ unofficially makes it to non-Google phones

  Pixel 2’s ‘Portrait Mode’ unofficially makes it to non-Google phones While Google's Pixel 2 didn't change much from its predecessor, which came out only a year before, one of the newer smartphone's standout features is the background-blurring Portrait mode. But this photo tech might not be exclusive to Google's flagship phone anymore: Members of XDA Developers community got Portrait Mode working on other devices, from the original Pixel to non-Google devices running Android Oreo.

It has a built - in projector capable of projecting an 8.5 foot 480p resolution image on a wall up to 10 feet away. If you need a small Android tablet with a built - in projector and don’t mind paying 9.95 for it, head over to Hammacher Schlemmer for all the details.

This mini projector is perfect for outdoor movie nights or just taking it over to the next room. We love that it weighs barely over 2 pounds but can still support a super-bright 1500 lumens picture. The fan is nice and quiet, and the built - in speaker is pretty good for its size.

  This Android Phone With a Built-In Projector Is Perfect For Movie Lovers © Lisa Eadicicco It was difficult to get a sense of exactly how sharp and crisp the picture quality was during my demonstration at CES 2018, since it’s meant to work best in dim conditions. But even when projecting on a small surface in the crowded and brightly lit showroom, the Movi’s picture quality certainly looked decent enough. I could easily imagine projecting Netflix on my ceiling before bed or a YouTube video on my apartment wall when friends are over.

The Movi’s relatively low price comes with a handful of compromises in the specs department. The Movi phone’s 5.5-inch FHD screen isn’t as sharp and vibrant as the high-tech OLED screens on premium smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple iPhone X. And while the phone does have a 13-megapixel camera and 8-megapixel front camera — which on paper sound comparable to high-end phones — it doesn’t have dual camera capabilities like the latest and greatest devices (that means you shouldn’t expect to capture portrait-style shots that make the subject look sharp against the background.) There’s also a fingerprint sensor for unlocking your phone without typing in a passcode.

Regardless of how well the Movi phone works in practice, it’s refreshing to see a smartphone that stands out for clever and useful features rather than simply trying to compete with giants like Samsung and Apple. And even if you don’t wind up with a Movi, it could push those bigger smartphone makers to keep innovating with devices of their own.

Hike brings payments, news, and messaging to basic Android phones without mobile data .
Mobile messaging service Hike just launched Total, a new service that lets Android users in India make payments to businesses and transfer money, read news, book train tickets, and chat with their contacts on the platform – all without mobile data. The company, which claims 100 million users on its platform, has been working for six months on Total, with the aim of making basic services available to people who are yet to experience the mobile web for the first time – and eventually get them online to experience the full suite of Hike Messenger’s services. And it’s actually rather ingenious.


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