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Moms Post Their Own After-Birth Photos Alongside Kate Middleton's For Laughs

Sunday  13:26,   29 april 2018

They thought the comparisons were funny.Seven hours after the birth of her third child, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared outside of St. Mary’s Hospital in London looking gorgeous - of course with the help of a hair dresser and[...]

Rogue Cat Rescued After Hiding Out In New York Airport For Over A Week

Sunday  13:26,   29 april 2018

A cat who escaped from her carrier at a New York airport last week has been found safe and is set to be reunited with her owner. Pepper, a 4-year-old brown tabby, was traveling on April 20 with her human, who was moving from New Jersey to China, the [...]

This California Gym Runs on Energy Generated by Your Workout

Sunday  08:50,   29 april 2018

Eco-friendly equipment saves Sacramento Eco Fitness hundreds of dollars on electricity each month.The fitness center features much of the same equipment you'd find in any gym, but its stationary bikes are more sophisticated than most. SportsArt's[...]

Coin Thought To Be Fake Turns Out to Be Worth Millions

Thursday  16:15,   26 april 2018

<p>One coin collector now know it's always worth getting a second opinion after a piece he was once told was a fake, ended up being valued at millions of dollars.</p>The man from New England, who wishes to remain anonymous, had shown[...]

Meet the Teen Who Faked His Death - for a Promposal

Thursday  10:21,   26 april 2018

And she said[...]

This crazy photo shows a snake slithering over a hidden Army sniper's rifle as he remains perfectly still

Thursday  05:45,   26 april 2018

<p>The Alabama National Guard recently posted a photo of a sniper remaining still as a non-poisonous southern black racer snake slithers across his rifle.</p>-The Alabama National Guard is even using the photo, which has gone viral, as a[...]

Cop Apologizes to Firefighter With ‘Sorry I Tased You’ Cake

Thursday  05:45,   26 april 2018


Picture of Woman Who Resembles Donald Trump Goes Viral

Thursday  05:18,   26 april 2018

Dolores Leis Antelo works on a farm in La Coruna.Dolores Leis Antelo gave an interview to her local newspaper last week about her life and the image of her holding a hoe at her farm in Nanton, La Coruna, was shared around the[...]

Newlyweds Who Met on Tinder Were Born on Same Day in Same Hospital, 25 Years Ago

Wednesday  09:51,   25 april 2018

They feel it was meant to[...]

Forget fat cats — this Instagram tracks truly massive felines

Wednesday  09:51,   25 april 2018

The artist Fransdita Muafidin carefully Photoshops pictures of cats into different contexts so that they look really, really big. Please enjoy.- They're really[...]

Trump wipes dandruff off visiting French President Macron

Wednesday  05:35,   25 april 2018

President Donald Trump on Tuesday made a show of flicking dandruff from the suit collar of visiting French President Emmanuel Macron, saying it was a sign of the two leaders' "very special relationship."Trump made the surprise gesture[...]

Moooi brings 'Museum of Extinct Animals' to Milan Furniture Fair

Tuesday  19:51,   24 april 2018

The Dutch design brand embarked on a voyage through time at Milan's international design and furniture show with a collection of furniture, carpets and wallcoverings inspired by extinct animals.&nbsp;&nbsp;For the "Museum of Extinct[...]

These pictures of cats standing like humans are the trippiest things you'll see all day

Tuesday  11:25,   24 april 2018

A picture a of cat standing on its hind legs like a human has gone viral and it looks nearly unbelievable.- People have Photoshopped Frank into a host of hilarious[...]

A woman made a prom dress out of trash bags — and it looks like a designer gown

Tuesday  10:21,   24 april 2018

She transformed garbage bags into roses, and the result is surprisingly beautiful.- She told INSIDER that the concept came to her after she received comments from her YouTube subscribers who said that she could probably rock a trash[...]

A guy allegedly robbed a Game Stop with a plastic water bottle case over his head — and the cops think it's hilarious

Tuesday  10:20,   24 april 2018

"This craftily disguised gent decided to burglarize GameStop here in St. Marys last night," the police joked on Facebook.- He apparently tried to disguise himself by wearing a plastic water bottle case on his[...]