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Rock Art Depicting Stone Age Camel Discovered

Wednesday  20:10,   29 november 2017

The camel image startled experts because it was found in the Ural Mountains, far from where camels could be seen in the Paleolithic era.The image of the red ocher camel outlined with black charcoal startled experts because the painting in the Kapova [...]

Horse Airlifted 300 Feet Out Of Ravine After Tumbling In Along With Rider

Wednesday  13:10,   29 november 2017
Inside Edition

The rider walked out but the horse needed a leg up.The rider walked out but was forced to leave her horse overnight until a joint effort between multiple area agencies could be assembled for the[...]

Monet's glasses sold for over $50,000 in Hong Kong

Tuesday  18:54,   28 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

A collection of French artist Claude Monet's personal belongings, including a pair of round-rimmed wire spectacles, have fetched almost $11 million at an auction in Hong Kong, Christie's said.  The dainty glasses, made from [...]

Pink diamond sells for over $32 mn in Hong Kong

Tuesday  18:54,   28 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

An enormous oval diamond named the "Pink Promise" was sold Tuesday for an eye-watering US$32.16 million at auction in Hong Kong. The 14.93-carat pink gemstone went to an unidentified phone bidder as applause filled the[...]

Cops Photograph Car with Massive Christmas Tree Tied to Its Roof

Tuesday  15:06,   28 november 2017
Inside Edition

Many people on Facebook thought it was a stunt right out of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."Struck by the sight, police in the Massachusetts town of Sudbury posted an image of the massive tree tied to the roof of a[...]

Disabled veteran helps deliver daughter on sidewalk

Tuesday  08:20,   28 november 2017
FOX News

The birth of a baby is a momentous occasion for any family, but for one disabled veteran and his fiancé where and how their daughter was born has made it all the more special. Last Tuesday, Marcus Nash and Charlie White were just steps outside of[...]

6-Month-Old Quintuplets Dazzle in Cute Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Monday  13:38,   27 november 2017
Inside Edition

They were conceived through intrauterine insemination.Zoey Hart, Asher Blaze, Dakota Faith, Gavin Lane and Hollyn Grace Driskell, who are 6 months old, were a pleasant surprise for their parents, Briana and Jordan[...]

Jonathan, St. Helena's ancient tortoise, awaits visitors

Monday  13:38,   27 november 2017

He is a tourist attraction worth travelling a long way to see -- Jonathan the giant tortoise is perhaps the world's oldest land animal, living in pampered luxury on the remote British island of St. Helena. Aged at least 185 -- though no one[...]

Pickled in "cognac", Chopin's heart gives up its secrets

Monday  12:05,   27 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

The heart of Frederic Chopin, among the world's most cherished musical virtuosos, may finally have given up the cause of his untimely death.  The prolific 19th-century Polish-French pianist and composer died at the age of 39,[...]

Injured Chicken Uses Wheelchair To Learn To Walk Again

Monday  07:20,   27 november 2017
International Business Times

An injured chicken in learning to walk again with the aid of a custom wheelchair."A few weeks ago during the fires, we took in another rooster that was evacuated, that rooster was kept in a separate cage and the chicken got intimidated by him cause[...]

Dad Dons Tutu for His Daughter's Ballet Class: 'He's Just a Really Good Dad'

Sunday  19:01,   26 november 2017
Inside Edition

It was parent night at the ballet school.Thanh Tran showed up to "parents night" for his daughter, Adriana Cross, at her ballet school last Monday. Adriana had been telling her dad for weeks that if he was going to come, he had to wear a[...]

World's only particle accelerator for art revs up in Paris

Sunday  14:21,   26 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

The world's only particle accelerator dedicated to art was switched on at the Louvre in Paris Thursday to help experts analyse ancient and precious works.  The 37-metre (88-foot) AGLAE accelerator housed underneath the huge[...]

Woman's movie-theater snack hack goes viral on Twitter

Sunday  14:21,   26 november 2017
FOX News

Angela Brisk's idea for a fake "baby bump" is being called "genius" by her fellow Twitter users.Just kidding! In reality, they’ve only gotten more clever about sneaking their snacks[...]

Flipping lids! Chinese barber offers eyelid shaves

Sunday  09:50,   26 november 2017

Chinese street barber Xiong Gaowu deftly scrapes a straight razor along the inside of his customer's eyelid."You should be gentle, very, very gentle," said Xiong, who performs traditional eyelid shaves at his roadside location in Chengdu, the[...]

Little Girl 'Calls' Judge to Tattle on Her Younger Sister Who 'Is Being Bad'

Saturday  09:10,   25 november 2017
Inside Edition

4-year-old Kynzlee wanted some justice for her misbehaving sisterSo much so that when she was fed up to her eyeballs by her little sister's antics, she made an emergency call to judge James Metts, of Montgomery County, telling him he needed to issue [...]