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Desperately seeking this Frida Kahlo painting. Last seen in Poland

Monday  13:25,   04 december 2017

The artist known for her unibrow, long skirts and heavy jewellery created the painting for the 1940 International Exhibition of Surrealism in Mexico City. For a long time it hung in her dining room, before she donated it to the Soviet Union out of[...]

10 Sets of Twins - All Under the Age of 2 - Descend Upon Santa for Epic Photo

Monday  06:05,   04 december 2017
Inside Edition

"He said that was the most kids he had ever had sit on his lap at one time," one of the moms said."He said that was the most kids he had ever had sit on his lap at one time," one of the moms, Dee Knoll,[...]

Albino Dog's Life Changed With Loving New Family, and a Stylish Pair of Sunglasses

Sunday  11:20,   03 december 2017
Inside Edition

Sherlock’s life went from a rocky start to smooth sailing when the pooch was outfitted with a pair of suave sunglasses.Sherlock the schnauzer was born in Australia with a rare form of canine albinism, giving the pup pure white fur and electric blue[...]

Waffle House customer cooks own food as staff nap

Saturday  22:20,   02 december 2017
Sky News

A hungry ex-soldier whipped up his own midnight snack when he arrived at his local diner to find all the staff asleep. Alex Bowen, from Pelion, South Carolina, found himself peckish in the early hours of Thursday morning after some drinks with[...]

Late for Class? Deer Seen Running Through Hallways of School

Saturday  14:20,   02 december 2017
Inside Edition

It is not the first time an animal has roamed the halls of a school.The deer came through a propped-open door at Enterprise Middle School near the city of Jackson and left a few students[...]

Busted: The French tyre-slasher who hit 6,000 cars

Saturday  14:20,   02 december 2017

After years of playing cat-and-mouse with police, a man who punctured the tyres of thousands of cars around the southwestern French city of Bordeaux has finally been apprehended. The 45-year-old, arrested Wednesday, carried out his campaign of[...]

Everyone is freaking out about this optical illusion of a dog's face — here's what's really going on

Saturday  07:05,   02 december 2017

Reddit user chadwalk shared a photo of their two dogs last week, and it confused a lot of the site's users.Reddit user chadwalk shared a photo of their two dogs last week, and it confused a lot of the site's[...]

As many go ga-ga over royal engagement, China asks: Harry who?

Friday  14:25,   01 december 2017

Prince Harry's marriage to US actress Meghan Markle next May promises to be the wedding of the year and this week's engagement news made headlines around the world -- but not in China. The vast majority of Chinese are better acquainted with[...]

Mayweather 'adopts' panda, names it after himself

Friday  14:25,   01 december 2017

He hardly has a reputation as the cuddly type, but Floyd Mayweather displayed his softer side as he adopted a baby giant panda in China -- and promptly renamed it "TMT Floyd Mayweather".The 40-year-old American boxing star will, however,[...]

A Slice Above the Rest? Pizza Could Earn UNESCO World Heritage Status

Thursday  13:35,   30 november 2017
Mental Floss

The cheesy pie would join Turkish coffee, Croatian gingerbread, and other delicious culinary creations on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.Launched in 2006, UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list recognizes[...]

100-Year-Old Man and His Family Run 100 Miles to Celebrate His Birthday

Thursday  13:35,   30 november 2017
Inside Edition

Orville Rogers didn't start running until he turned 50.Five decades later, he's still at[...]

Indian serial thief stole 120 hotel TVs

Thursday  08:50,   30 november 2017

Indian police have detained a man who stole 120 TV sets from hotels over four months, officials said Wednesday. Vasudev Nanaiah booked into budget hotels in states across southern India with oversized bags to put the televisions in when he left.If[...]

Rock Art Depicting Stone Age Camel Discovered

Wednesday  20:10,   29 november 2017

The camel image startled experts because it was found in the Ural Mountains, far from where camels could be seen in the Paleolithic era.The image of the red ocher camel outlined with black charcoal startled experts because the painting in the Kapova [...]

Horse Airlifted 300 Feet Out Of Ravine After Tumbling In Along With Rider

Wednesday  13:10,   29 november 2017
Inside Edition

The rider walked out but the horse needed a leg up.The rider walked out but was forced to leave her horse overnight until a joint effort between multiple area agencies could be assembled for the[...]

Monet's glasses sold for over $50,000 in Hong Kong

Tuesday  18:54,   28 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

A collection of French artist Claude Monet's personal belongings, including a pair of round-rimmed wire spectacles, have fetched almost $11 million at an auction in Hong Kong, Christie's said.  The dainty glasses, made from [...]