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Oldest-known message in a bottle found on WA beach 132 years after being tossed overboard

Tuesday  09:41,   06 march 2018
ABC News

<p>A Perth family has made an extraordinary historical discovery after becoming bogged on a West Australian beach.</p>Tonya Illman was walking across sand dunes just north of Wedge Island, 180 kilometres north of Perth, when she noticed[...]

'Hotter than Emily Ratajkowski': This sassy dog is now an internet celebrity

Monday  18:15,   05 march 2018
International Business Times

A video of a Shih Tzu flicking his head back has gone viral with people calling it the sassiest thing they have ever seen.&nbsp;The six-second clip on Twitter features a white dog named Alfie lying on the floor before suddenly turning round with [...]

Scientists discover secret 'supercolony' of penguins in Antarctica

Monday  17:51,   05 march 2018
The Week

Scientists had previously feared that the Adélie penguins' numbers had been in decline because of climate changeNumbering more than 1.5 million birds, they were first noticed “when great patches of their poo, or guano, showed up in pictures[...]

Artist creates incredible portraits of famous people in the snow

Monday  14:22,   05 march 2018

As the Beast from the East battered parts of Britain throughout the week, this artist had an idea to make the best of the snow, transforming it into works of art - and, no, not snowmen.&nbsp;Nathan Wyburn, 28, from Cardiff, first made Game of[...]

Alaska's Iditarod race starts with smiles, barks and protests

Monday  14:22,   05 march 2018

<p>With light snow falling, spectators cheering and hundreds of dogs barking, sixty-seven mushers and their teams took off for a ceremonial 11-mile jaunt through Alaska's biggest city as the 46th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race began Saturday in [...]

Sisters Dress as Oscars Nominees for Adorable Academy Awards

Monday  07:25,   05 march 2018
Inside Edition

Sophia and Sadie Storino reenacted iconic scenes from this year's Best Picture nominees.Two Illinois sisters recreated iconic scenes from this year's Best Picture[...]

This trippy optical illusion makes an iPhone screen look like a three-dimensional hole

Sunday  12:41,   04 march 2018

An optical illusion that makes an iPhone X look like a cavernous pit is going viral. The effect is created by an AR app called "The Parallax View."- The effect is created by an augmented reality app called "The Parallax[...]

The World's Most Expensive Meatball Is Being Served for $100

Sunday  07:58,   04 march 2018
Inside Edition

The 7-ounce Wagyu beef meatball is stuffed with truffle cheese and foie gras.But this taste of opulence is being offered for one day only; Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse in Manhattan is serving it for National Meatball Day, which [...]

Everyone is obsessed with this powerful photo of a little girl staring at the portrait of Michelle Obama

Sunday  07:58,   04 march 2018

During a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, one little girl couldn’t stop staring at the former first lady’s portrait.- She was awed by Michelle Obama's[...]

Sweet-toothed fashionistas delight in chocolate clothes

Sunday  07:57,   04 march 2018

In a dream mix for sweet-toothed fashionistas, models strutted the catwalk in Brussels draped in fanciful clothes made with chocolate. The fashion show, which teams designers with chocolatiers and pastry chefs from more than 15 countries, kicked off [...]

Dr. Noah Arnold Sings to Animals to Relax Them Before Procedures

Saturday  08:40,   03 march 2018
Inside Edition

Dr. Noah Arnold says it helps him relax, too.The guitar-playing veterinarian, of Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic in Shorewood, Wis., calms pets before their procedures by singing to[...]

Rescued Baby Chimp Becomes a Co-Pilot as He Flies to Primate Sanctuary

Friday  17:35,   02 march 2018
Inside Edition

Mussa, a chimp rescued from the clutches of poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, looked completely at ease earlier this month while flying aboard a plane to a rehabilitation sanctuary.Mussa, a baby chimpanzee rescued from the clutches of[...]

Drunk man hit with $1,635 Uber bill after 300-mile ride

Friday  13:11,   02 march 2018
Sky News

A drunk Uber user was hit with a $1,635 bill after falling asleep and embarking on a 300-mile journey across three states.  Kenny Bachman made the trip after a night out with friends in Morgantown, West Virginia.He decided to get the Uber to[...]

This inspiring teacher found a way to teach Microsoft Word without a computer

Friday  10:21,   02 march 2018

This inspiring teacher found a way to teach Microsoft Word without a computerInstead of giving up, Owura Kwadwo took to his black board and sketched out Microsoft[...]

The Hilarious Reason This Pizza Order Is Going Viral

Thursday  17:36,   01 march 2018
The Daily Meal

A spider named Frank is getting the recognition he deserves after the receipt to his guardian’s pizza order went viral on Reddit.&nbsp;“Crust a little crisper than normal But not too crispy… if that’s not vague enough — make it like you’re[...]