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Israeli scholars decipher Dead Sea Scroll

Monday  15:18,   22 january 2018

Israeli scholars have pieced together and deciphered one of two previously unread manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls more than half a century since their discovery, an Israeli university has said. The more than 60 tiny fragments of parchment[...]

You Need to Wear a Wet Suit to Use This Underwater Mailbox in Japan

Monday  08:35,   22 january 2018
Mental Floss

Waterproof stationery is available at the dive shop.Great Big Story takes a deeper look at this unusual destination in a recent video. To use the mailbox, senders must purchase a waterproof postcard from the local dive shop and write with oil-based[...]

Kind Officer Plays Piano for 93-Year-Old Whose Home Was Burglarized

Monday  06:55,   22 january 2018
Inside Edition

<p>A kind police officer in England played the piano for a 93-year-old man whose home had been burglarized this week.</p>Two Nottinghamshire community support officers visited the man’s Mansfield home to check on him after a burglary, visiting [...]

Human Bones Discovered in Irish Cave Reveal Ritual Site

Sunday  15:01,   21 january 2018

He called the police to have them evaluated.But, they’re not part of a recent crime. Rather, researchers recently confirmed some of the bones date back to as early as 3,600 BC, according to The Irish[...]

Tokyo opens new hedgehog cafe

Sunday  10:20,   21 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Cue squeals of delight now: The latest social media obsession with palm-sized hedgehogs has landed in Tokyo, with the opening of a new hedgehog café.&nbsp;&nbsp;Over the last few years, the latest pet craze has spawned many a viral video of[...]

Yoga on ice: India to offer classes during Davos summit

Saturday  09:05,   20 january 2018

India aims to showcase its potential as a driver of global economic growth, after China, as well as its soft power, reflected in the popularity of yoga as well as its cuisine. Two yoga teachers from India will hold daily classes next week at the[...]

Man fools officers with car made of snow, gets fake parking ticket

Friday  19:21,   19 january 2018
CBS News

Simon Laprise sculpted a life-size model of a DeLorean DMC-12 in the middle of a local snow removal zone and posted images onlineThe "car," made famous by the "Back to the Future" movie franchise, drew the attention of one police officer who was so[...]

Bright lights, big city: Light art festival takes to London's streets

Friday  08:40,   19 january 2018

London's dark winter nights will shine a little brighter starting Thursday, as a nighttime art exhibition featuring a range of publicly displayed works that use light as a medium gets underway. Lumiere London features over 50 works by British[...]

Giant pandas arrive in Finland in Chinese charm offensive

Friday  07:21,   19 january 2018

Finland on Thursday welcomed a panda pair after a long plane ride from their native China, which leased the fluffy animals to the Nordic nation to strengthen ties.&nbsp;&nbsp;As part of "Panda Diplomacy" -- China's historic use of the[...]

Fragment of flag Nelson flew at Trafalgar sells for almost 300,000 pounds

Thursday  15:16,   18 january 2018

A piece of the Union Jack flag believed to have been flown from the flagship of Britain's Lord Horatio Nelson's ship during the Battle of Trafalgar sold for 297,000 pounds at an auction in London on Thursday. The item was part of a[...]

Spanish village 'purifies' horses with fire in age-old ritual

Thursday  08:05,   18 january 2018

Thick smoke fills the cobbled streets of San Bartolome de Pinares as the clip-clop of galloping hooves edges ever closer to a bonfire crackling nearby. Suddenly a horse and its rider burst through the flames as the mysterious age-old festival of Las [...]

Alien sightings are no excuse for filing your tax return late

Wednesday  20:51,   17 january 2018

As Britain's deadline for annual tax returns looms, revenue authorities have warned they will be keeping a sharp lookout for any mention of aliens. Seeking to encourage taxpayers to file their returns by Jan. 31, Her Majesty's Revenue and[...]

In the coldest village on earth, eyelashes freeze, dinner is frozen and temperatures sink to -88F

Wednesday  15:30,   17 january 2018
The Washington Post

Life in this Siberian village, where temperatures plunged to as low as -88F this week, is constant negotiation with the cold.Eyelashes freeze; frostbite is a constant danger; and cars are usually kept running even when not being used, lest their[...]

Aliens, apocalypse, lightning? ... No, just a meteor rocking Michigan

Wednesday  15:30,   17 january 2018

A bright meteor briefly swept across the sky over parts of the U.S. Midwest and Canada on Tuesday, weather and geology agencies said, and then caused a powerful explosion that rattled homes and onlookers. The meteor was seen across the region in[...]

Whisky and waders as fishermen welcome salmon season in Scotland

Wednesday  09:25,   17 january 2018

On the banks of the River Tay in the Scottish highlands, a parade of pipers and a whisky-based blessing helped mark the start of the country's salmon fishing season on Monday. The village of Kenmore has been the traditional starting place for[...]