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Exotic frog stows away on flight from US to UK

Friday  13:46,   18 may 2018

A family were "amazed" and "in hysterics" when an exotic frog jumped out of their suitcase after stowing away on a journey from Florida.  The tiny creature - about the size of a ping-pong ball - travelled with the Woods[...]

Pennsylvania Teen Takes Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout to Prom as Her Date

Friday  09:26,   18 may 2018

She moved him around on a scooter.Allison Closs showed up to Carlisle High School with her two-dimensional beau at Friday's school dance for seniors, along with a scooter for it to move around[...]

Georgia Teen Behind Yanny/Laurel Debate Reveals What the Word Really Is

Friday  09:26,   18 may 2018

She was a[...]

Don't mention the... pub's 'swear box' for nuptials

Friday  09:26,   18 may 2018

Those who are sick of the royal wedding may find solace in a Derby pub, which has banned all mention of the nuptials on Saturday. The Alexandra Hotel will even fine people with a "swear box" for those who let slip anything about Prince Harry and[...]

Far from zen: Japan monk sues temple for overwork

Thursday  13:30,   17 may 2018

A Japanese monk is suing his temple, claiming he was forced to work non-stop catering to visiting tourists and that the heavy workload gave him depression, his lawyer told AFP on Thursday. The monk in his forties is seeking 8.6 million yen ($78,000) [...]

Ready, aim, fire: Australian diners given water pistols to ward off seagulls

Thursday  09:26,   17 may 2018

Annoyed at seagulls that pester its patrons, a restaurant in the Australian city of Perth has armed customers with water pistols to stop the birds from ruining the waterfront dining experience. Toby Evans, the owner of 3Sheets restaurant in the[...]

Snorkeler in Hawaii Finds Gold Cross Lost in 1966

Thursday  09:26,   17 may 2018

The owner lost it while surfing and will now be reunited with it thanks to the internet.Jon Abila was diving in a well-known surf spot near the Sheraton Waikiki when he told KHON something caught his[...]

10 'easy' geography questions that middle schoolers can answer, but will probably leave you stumped

Wednesday  15:51,   16 may 2018

<p>Every year, the National Geographic Society sponsors a geography contest called The National Geographic Bee, wherein students in the fourth through eighth grades compete to see whose geographic knowledge will reign supreme.</p>In[...]

'Angel' Caught on Camera in Stunning Image From Michigan

Wednesday  12:46,   16 may 2018

The incredible sight was captured on local fire chief Glen Thorman's motion sensor security camera.The image out of Northern Michigan shows a glowing silhouette hovering above a pickup[...]

Farm Owner Dyes Ponies' Manes to Make Them Look Like Unicorns

Wednesday  09:21,   16 may 2018

They wear rhinestone-encrusted horns, too.At Pampered Ponies in Worcester, small horses sport glittery nail paint, rainbow-colored manes and rhinestone-encrusted[...]

Roadside job seeker holding 'need work' sign goes viral

Tuesday  13:31,   15 may 2018

The man was praised for his "perseverance" and "eagerness".Morten Jorgensen, 53, had been out of work for about two years when he decided to take matters into his own hands, the Northern Star[...]

A math problem meant for 8-year-olds is going viral after stumping parents — see if you can solve it

Tuesday  09:56,   15 may 2018

When parents try to help their kids with math homework, it's usually been a while since they've tried to work out a math problem themselves.&nbsp;Mumsnet user lucysmam found herself in this scenario and turned to the internet for help,[...]

How This 'Super Mom' Juggles Daily Life With 16 Kids

Monday  13:26,   14 may 2018

The family goes through 42 loads of laundry a week, and they have their own bus.Lyette Reback, of North Palm Beach, Fla., has 16 children ranging in age from 2 to 23, and it's not always easy keeping all of them[...]

Court bans woman from singing due to her drowning cat-like voice

Monday  09:11,   14 may 2018

A woman in the United Kingdom has been banned from singing "at a volume which can be heard from outside her property" after a neighbor complained that her voice sounds like a drowning cat.The woman was handed a 24-month Criminal Behavior[...]

Cat named Pawfficer Donut to serve with police

Monday  09:11,   14 may 2018

Pawfficer Donut, a rescue kitten, has been officially sworn in as the newest member of Troy Police Department, Michigan. The female kitten was asked to raise her right paw as she was officially sworn in after a successful interview, reported[...]