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How Income Affects the Brain

Wednesday  14:15,   16 may 2018

We often attribute financial problems to bad life decisions: Why didn’t that person stay in college? Why didn’t they pick a more lucrative career? Why did they have so many kids? But several recent studies suggest that having less money can actually [...]

New Look to review prices over 'fat tax' plus-size row

Wednesday  13:15,   16 may 2018

Fashion retailer New Look has said it will review the way it prices clothing after being accused of charging more for plus-size items. Shopper Maria Wassell accused the chain of levying a "fat tax" on women who are size 16 and above after she[...]

Consumer champion Martin Lewis to visit Facebook after action over scam ads

Wednesday  11:31,   16 may 2018

Mr Lewis previously took a decision to sue Facebook for defamation following scam ads featuring pictures of founder Mr Lewis previously said he decided to sue Facebook for defamation following a raft of scam ads featuring[...]

Leavers are preparing their Brexit betrayal narrative

Wednesday  06:25,   16 may 2018

<p>They are not equipped for life as defenders of a flawed but liveable reality</p>So nostalgic and moleskin-trousered by stereotype, Britain’s Eurosceptic right is actually mesmerised by technology. In the referendum campaign, Leavers[...]

Norway-Style Brexit Now 'Dead' After Jeremy Corbyn Signals To MPs He Won't Back European Economic Area Model

Wednesday  06:25,   16 may 2018

A Norway-style ‘soft Brexit’ has been declared “dead” after Jeremy Corbyn signalled he would not back plans for the UK to join the European Economic Area (EEA). In a move that will dismay some former Remainer voters, the Labour leader told a weekly[...]

EU still providing illegal subsidies to Airbus – World Trade Organisation

Wednesday  06:25,   16 may 2018

The WTO’s appellate body maintained a ruling that EU ‘launch aid’ provided to Airbus resulted in lost sales for Boeing.The WTO decision on the latest in a string of tussles between Europe’s Airbus and US rival Boeing comes as the Trump[...]

German Economy Stumbles as Europe Suffers Setback in Growth

Tuesday  18:58,   15 may 2018

Economic growth slowed across Europe at the start of the year, with Germany seeing its pace of expansion cut in half amid weaker trade. The 0.3 percent increase in Europe’s largest economy was softer than forecast and the weakest in more than a[...]

Colao to step down from Vodafone after 10 years in charge

Tuesday  12:45,   15 may 2018

Vodafone's chief executive Vittorio Colao will step down on October 1 after more than 10 years in charge of the world's second-largest mobile phone company.Nick Read, group chief financial officer, will replace Mr. Colao as chief executive[...]

EasyJet losses narrow as airline reaps benefit of bumper winter

Tuesday  12:20,   15 may 2018

Passenger numbers increased by three million in the first half.The low-cost carrier reported a £68 million pre-tax loss in the six months to March 31, which compares with an £236 million loss in the same period last[...]

Musk says 'thorough reorganisation' underway at Tesla

Tuesday  10:45,   15 may 2018

<p>Tesla Inc chief Elon Musk told employees on Monday the company was undergoing a "thorough reorganisation" as it contends with production problems, senior staff departures and recent crashes involving its electric cars.</p>Tesla[...]

Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century ago

Tuesday  10:00,   15 may 2018

Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century agoMoney2020, the largest finance tradeshow in the world, takes place each year in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. At a recent gathering, above the din of[...]

The singularity is not near: The intellectual fraud of the “Singularitarians”

Tuesday  09:26,   15 may 2018

The singularity is not near: The intellectual fraud of the “Singularitarians”Excerpted from “Live Work Work Work Die: A Journey into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley”by Corey Pein. Published by Metropolitan Books. Copyright © 2018 by Corey Pein.[...]

Android P: what is it and when does it come out?

Tuesday  09:16,   15 may 2018

With Google’s mobile software due for a major overhaul later this year, here’s what you need to knowAnnounced at the search engine giant’s I/O tech conference last Tuesday, Android P is the next generation of Google’s popular smartphone software.[...]

I asked Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant if they're spying on me — here's what they said

Tuesday  07:00,   15 may 2018

I asked Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant if they are spying on me. Here's what each voice assistant had to say.All three companies have said the assistants are not listening all the time, but only listen for a wake word — or perhaps hidden[...]

Italy's 5 Star, League Reach Deal to Govern Nation

Tuesday  05:40,   15 may 2018

Italy’s anti-establishment 5 Star Movement and hard-right League party have reached an agreement on a government program, likely clearing the way for the formation of a governing coalition between Italy’s two largest anti-establishment[...]