Money Trump may have just moved the world closer to a global trade war

18:35  20 march  2017
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Roger Waters compares Donald Trump to Saddam Hussein

  Roger Waters compares Donald Trump to Saddam Hussein Roger Waters has slammed US president Donald Trump by comparing him to the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The former Pink Floyd bassist and vocalist was speaking to The Guardian as he prepared to present the band’s 1979 album, ‘The Wall’, as an opera in collaboration with Opéra de Montréal. He said: “Any despot, whenever they build a monument to themselves, whether it’s Ceaușescu, or Saddam Hussein, or Donald Trump, they always look exactly the same. “Weirdly, these people have bits missing from their sensibility, so it’s almost as if they build the monument to themselves from a despot catalog and it’s always full of marble and gold taps. “[Look at] Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It’s perfect. Trump with his gold taps and his all of that. It’s the perfect symbol of everything we need to steer clear of”. He also criticised Trump for dismissing evidence on global warming whilst drawing further comparisons to Nazi Germany’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. He said: “The Americans have just elected somebody to power in this country, the president, who does not believe in climate change. He believes it’s an invention, he doesn’t believe in it. “That’s the end of the story. He thinks it’s something that people have made up, and he managed to convince a number of other people of that, just by stating it. You just state it. You state the big lie often enough and people will believe it. Who said that? Joseph Goebbels.

Real news and perspectives that you won't find in the mainstream media. Browse: Home / The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency. This has a double-edged ring, for it suggests that Mr Brown may have traded pockets of the British financial industry to satisfy Franco-German

President Trump envisions a border tax levied against any American company that has moved its operation overseas. Or would it spark a global trade war worse than the 1930s? Let’s just hope Trump clears it with the WTO first. Otherwise, retaliations will kill world trade .

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Until now, Wall Street investors and foreign leaders had given Donald Trump’s anti-trade views the benefit of the doubt, dismissing some of his louder threats to rip up global commercial agreements as mere bluster.

That perception changed significantly this weekend, when Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, seen as among the more moderate members of the administration, held his ground on weakening the Group of 20 nations’ long-standing commitment to free trade.

During a meeting of financial officials from the 20 biggest world economies, Mnuchin defended the president’s anti-trade agenda with sufficient gusto to force a significant change in the language of the G20’s communique.

Why Mars bar fans should be worried about Brexit

  Why Mars bar fans should be worried about Brexit A top executive at global food giant Mars has warned that Brexit could increase the prices of its chocolate bars. Fiona Dawson, president of global food, drinks and multisales at the US firm, will warn that a UK departure from the European Union without a trade deal would result in higher prices as well as jeopardising jobs.In a speech to the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union later on Friday, she will say the cost of trade barriers would inevitably flow through to consumers and threaten its Europe-wide supply chain.

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This year’s statement says only that countries "are working to strengthen the contribution of trade" to their economies, a watering down of last year’s commitment to combat "all forms" of protectionism.

Already, markets are being “impacted by the somewhat frosty summit between US President Trump and his German counterpart Angela Merkel while Trump’s trade Secretary Mnuchin failed to allay fears of rising US protectionism at the G20 meeting in Merkel’s homeland,” said Henry Croft, research analyst at Accendo Markets, in a research note to clients after the summit.

Melania Trump Is More Popular Than Ever

  Melania Trump Is More Popular Than Ever Melania Trump is more popular than her husband, the president of the United States. A CNN/ORC poll reported that 52% of Americans now view First Lady Melania Trump favorably, up from the 36% recorded days before Donald Trump's inauguration in January. The president's own favorability ranking is at 45%, according to the poll.

The Most Dangerous Man in Trump World ? How Peter Navarro could lead us into a global He may , in fact, be the loopiest member of Trump ’s retinue. At the same time, if Trump abandons, or even significantly curtails, free trade with Europe, he will force Germany to move closer to China.

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Indeed, Trump’s gaffe-ridden meeting with Merkel came on the heels of unfounded attacks on Germany’s economic policies. 

Almost immediately, Reuters reported China is already looking for ways to retaliate against any potential US tariffs. This could be the quiet opening salvo to a trade war that many investors have feared but hoped could be avoided.

"Risk appetite absent after the G20 decided to drop a pledge to avoid trade protectionism," wrote FXTM Research Analyst Lukman Otunuga in his research.

The G20’s shift comes on the heels of strong protectionist hints from the administration, which has already jettisoned a hard-dough Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement between 12 nations, is threatening to rip up the North America Free Trade Agreement, and even potentially is considering ignoring rulings from the 164-member World Trade Organization. 

Racehorse banned from being named 'President Trump' - stable christens it 'Fake News' instead .
White House accused of intervening after NHA demand name relating to US president be changed."Unfortunately, with Donald Trump being president, the opinion of the NHA is that the name [President Trump] has now become problematic," Samantha Dames said, according to the Racing Post. Attempts to submit the name Potus, an acronym for President of the United States, have also been rejected. We unfortunately cannot allow Potus as management feels that name is too controversial," she added.

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