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The nations of the world spending the most to prepare for World War Three

Tuesday  16:31,   25 april 2017

You may have noticed that things have been getting a littletense. No longer the remit of dystopian fiction and high budget / low quality American movies, a huge global conflict - also known as World War Three - is now very much a[...]

Alitalia says workers reject rescue plan

Tuesday  14:40,   25 april 2017

Alitalia says workers reject rescue planAlmost 90 percent of its 12,500 employees participated in a vote and more than half those taking part opposed the[...]

Marilyn Monroe's House In California Just Hit The Market For £5.4 million

Tuesday  13:26,   25 april 2017

Live out your Old Hollywood dreams in the hacienda-style home.If you've always dreamed of living like an Old Hollywood starlet, look no further than 12305 5th Helena Drive, the former Brentwood, California home of silver screen siren Marilyn[...]

Musk Nearing $1.4 Billion Windfall as Tesla Achieves Milestones

Tuesday  13:25,   25 april 2017

(Bloomberg) -- Only six remaining milestones stand between Tesla Inc.’s Elon Musk and an estimated $1.4 billion windfall for the carmaker’s billionaire chief executive officer. define("homepageFinanceIndices", ["c.deferred"], function () { [...]

This is the 'flying car' backed by Google's co-founder

Tuesday  13:25,   25 april 2017

While we all wait for fully self-driving vehicles to make their debut in showrooms nationwide, another hot concept is preparing to take flight later this year: the flying car. On Monday, Kitty Hawk — the startup earning an investment from Google[...]

India is adding billionaires at an astonishing rate

Tuesday  13:25,   25 april 2017

Since 2010, India has added a billionaire every 33 days. The share of Indians in the global billionaires club has grown from 1% to[...]

Tech and finance companies dominate list of top-paying firms

Tuesday  13:25,   25 april 2017
Press Association

Finance and tech firms dominate a list of the highest paying companies in the UK, offering median salaries of between £80,000 and £110,000 a year, a study shows. US cloud computing company Salesforce were found to be the best payers  (£110,000),[...]

This 17 year old makes hundreds of thousands of pounds selling his own socks

Tuesday  11:26,   25 april 2017

Seventeen-year-old Brennan Agranoff has been a CEO since the age of 13, when he founded his own custom socks company,[...]

How to delete your embarassing Netflix viewing history

Tuesday  09:01,   25 april 2017
Digital Spy

I didn't watch 14 cheesy rom coms last month, honest.We're not talking about sluggish streams or basic buffing either, but your relationship-ruining, real you revealing Netflix history that will blow the whistle on your secret affinity for Hey[...]

Flops from Apple, Google and Nokia feature in new Museum of Failure

Monday  19:40,   24 april 2017
International Business Times

Google Glass and Apple's first attempt at a tablet are two of the most high-profile products to appear in a new Swedish museum dedicated to failure. Called, fittingly, the Museum of Failure, the new exhibition opens in Helsingborg,[...]

Euro Hits Five-Month High on French Election

Monday  18:28,   24 april 2017

The euro jumped sharply against other global currencies after polls closed in the first round of France’s presidential election, with Emmanuel Macron—whose economic policies are generally market-friendly—in the lead.Europe’s common currency rose as[...]

Canadian Photographers Capture New Light In The Sky, Decide To Call It Steve

Monday  18:28,   24 april 2017
Huffington Post UK

First we had ‘Boaty McBoatface’, and now in episode two of don’t-let-the-public-name-stuff, a group of Canadian aurora photographers have named a new astrological phenomenon, Steve. The colourful lights in the sky, that look distinctly like [...]

Flying cars: A 1950s dream takes to the skies

Monday  15:40,   24 april 2017

So here's just how fast technology is accelerating. We haven't even nailed down self-driving cars yet, and now the buzz is all about flying cars. In fact, the dogged pursuit of an airborne escape from traffic has been with us[...]

A 3D-printed patch could help you recover from a heart attack

Monday  15:40,   24 april 2017

Scientists have dreamed of easily patching up heart tissue in the wake of heart attacks, but there are always gotchas: for example, it's no mean feat to replicate the complex structures of real tissue. After the team tested its patch on [...]

'For sale' sign hanging over Jimmy Choo

Monday  12:50,   24 april 2017
Sky News

Shares in Jimmy Choo have soared to a record high after it put itself up for sale as part of an evaluation of its future. The British luxury brand, which specialises in shoes and accessories, said it was to conduct a review of various strategic[...]