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You’re Not Just Imagining It. Your Job Is Absolute BS

Sunday  19:15,   27 may 2018

Anthropologist David Graeber’s new book accuses the global economy of churning out meaningless jobs that are killing the human spirit.If you voted for Bernie Sanders, have sea-punk green hair, and wear a pin declaring “Capitalism Is the Crisis,” you [...]

Brexit ‘can bring Italy and UK closer together’

Sunday  16:35,   27 may 2018

An Italian senator says Brexit opens a window of opportunity for stronger ties with Britain.Armando Siri said there were shared values between the two countries, as Britain negotiates its post-Brexit future and Italy prepares for a new government[...]

Google awarded this teenager $36,000 for finding a security flaw

Sunday  16:35,   27 may 2018

It marks Pereira’s fifth accepted bug, but it's by far his most lucrative.Pereira got his first computer when he was 10, took an initial programming class when he was 11 and then spent years teaching himself different coding languages and[...]

Shareholders to grill RBS over dividends, branch closures and re-privatisation

Sunday  15:45,   27 may 2018

Analysts expect RBS dividends to kick off at 6p per share.The bank, 72% owned by the taxpayer, is likely to be quizzed over plans to kickstart dividend payments after recently agreeing a 4.9 billion US dollar (£3.6 billion) settlement with US[...]

Tycoon Hands plots £2.5bn takeover of Quintain

Sunday  15:40,   27 may 2018

Guy Hands, the private equity tycoon, is exploring a £2.5bn bid for Quintain, the London-based property group, in an effort to establish an £8bn UK-wide real estate empire. Sky News has learnt that Mr Hands' buyout firm, Terra Firma Capital[...]

Chairman McBride to exit Asos's catwalk

Sunday  15:30,   27 may 2018

Asos, the online fashion retailer, is seeking a new chairman as Brian McBride prepares to step off the catwalk after nearly six years at the helm.‎ Sky News has learnt that the company, which is now Britain's biggest listed internet start-up, is[...]

Amid mounting Brexit concerns, UK economy is barely growing

Saturday  16:40,   26 may 2018

A day after the Bank of England's governor warned about the damaging consequences of a "disorderly" Brexit, official figures Friday confirmed that the British economy barely grew in the first three months of the year. The[...]

How on earth has BT chief earned a £1 million pay rise? Shares are down 35%, service is dreadful and just 14 days ago he axed 13,000 staff

Friday  17:36,   25 may 2018

The amount the 50-year-old took home leapt 72 per cent higher in the last financial year, including an annual bonus of £1.3m and pension contributions of nearly £300,000. The chief executive would have been handed even more again but took a £338,000 [...]

Intergenerational divide? Young people have never had it so good for saving, investing - and (with a big caveat) even buying homes, argues TOM SELBY

Friday  16:21,   25 may 2018

When it comes to building a retirement pot or buying a home, do the younger generations really have it so bad? Tom Selby, 32, of AJ Bell, explains the financial advantages millennials enjoy today.* When it comes to building a retirement pot or[...]

Opinions | Elon Musk’s meltdown makes perfect sense

Friday  14:55,   25 may 2018

Silicon Valley's most powerful players want to build things that will fix the world, which is an inherently narcissistic desire.Elon Musk has lost his cool. And the tale of his transformation from media darling into spurned lover out to make the [...]

How much money you need for bankers to think you're rich

Friday  14:10,   25 may 2018

In an era of hyper-wealth, economy-class rich starts at $25 million.The answer, of course, depends on who’s asking—and these days, many[...]

Hey Alexa, come clean about how much you’re really recording us

Friday  14:00,   25 may 2018

The Amazon Echo and Google Home promise to listen only when we give a “wake word.” But how often do they go off on their own?Putting live microphones in our homes has always been an out-there idea. But tech companies successfully marketed[...]

GDPR: Everything you need to know about the new data laws

Friday  12:40,   25 may 2018

Find out how the new data laws affect the general public and businesses.New data laws come into force in Europe today, but how will the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affect businesses and the general[...]

Facebook will not pay compensation for Cambridge Analytica case

Friday  11:15,   25 may 2018

The company made the statement in a list of written replies to questions by European Union politicians. The answers were promised after testimony earlier this week by chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in Brussels had left EU politicians frustrated[...]

These three skill sets will ensure you’ll never be out of work

Friday  11:15,   25 may 2018

The greater adoption of artificial intelligence and automation will undoubtedly reshape the workforce and the skills people need to stay employed. And according to a…McKinsey, in a report entitled Skill shifts: Automation and the future of the[...]