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Cars Rolls-Royce Sweptail: 'Probably the most expensive car... ever'

15:10  02 june  2017
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You can easily say that this is probably the most expensive new car in ages… or ever .’ Don't ever expect to see the Rolls - Royce Sweptail in your nearest showroom, but it does prove that Rolls - Royce can still create coachbuilt cars with panache.

The Sweptail was built after one of Rolls - Royce ’s ‘ most valued customers’ came to it with a very specific request to build the one-off car . You can easily say that this is probably the most expensive new car in ages… ever .’

Rolls-Royce Sweptail: 'Probably the most expensive car... ever' © Bauer Media 2017 Rolls-Royce Sweptail: 'Probably the most expensive car... ever'

The world of luxury motoring and racing yachts have collided, thanks to Rolls-Royce. This one-off, coachbuilt car is called the Sweptail, which is not only inspired by racing yachts but of the grand '20s and '30s cars built by the über-luxurious brand.

It’s Rolls' latest flex of its luxury muscle, after it showed off the crazy-looking 103EX concept last year.

The Sweptail was built after one of Rolls-Royce’s ‘most valued customers’ came to it with a very specific request to build the one-off car. It looks very much like a modern Roller from the front: the bluff front end, thin LED lights and massive chrome grille see to that.

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Rolls - Royce unveiled its most expensive new car ever , which sold for a reported .9 million. Bird's eye view of the custom " Sweptail " Rolls - Royce . The most striking feature is the giant, glass panoramic roof, which is shaped like a boat when seen from a bird's eye view.

With these cars it almost seems like there is nothing that can compare to or surpass them but the newly built Rolls - Royce Sweptail would probably make It was gathered that the inspiration comes from Rolls - Royce classics from the 1920s and 30s. Most expensive car ever made costs N4.6bn Photo

But it’s the rear half where the most significant changes lie; the silhouette of the car from the side slopes down to a point and the Sweptail comes with a rather hefty rear overhang – let’s hope parking sensors are standard.

The pointed rear end is apparently the ‘ultimate homage to the world of racing yachts that inspired the client.’ There aren’t any visible panel lines, which Rolls-Royce is, again, keen to stress it’s like the hull of a luxury ship. Has that sunk in yet? [Sorry.]

Despite being as long as an aircraft carrier, there’s only space for two inside. Those lucky/wealthy enough to take a trip in the Sweptail will bathe in plenty of natural light – thanks to the enormous panoramic sunroof – and will sit in a cabin finished in swathes of ‘Moccasin and Dark Spice’ leather upholstery, plus ebony and paldao wood veneers. Rolls-Royce claims that the interior is ‘the cleanest dashboard to date’ and includes a wood veneer so thin that light can be shone through it in places like the clock face.

Yacht-inspired Rolls-Royce Sweptail launched

  Yacht-inspired Rolls-Royce Sweptail launched One-off Rolls-Royce features a range of bespoke features – including a radically styled bShown at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in Italy today, the Rolls-Royce Sweptail is a fully bespoke car with a nod to the swept-tail look of some Rolls-Royces from the 1920s, and is quite unlike any of the firm’s current offerings.

Without a shadow of a doubt the star of this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the one-off Rolls - Royce Sweptail is a heavily modified Phantom with an eye-watering asking As a matter of fact, Rolls’ head honcho mentions the one-of-a-kind build is “ probably the most expensive new car ever .”

On Saturday, Rolls - Royce unveiled a one-off custom build called the Sweptail . At a reported price of nearly million, it is believed to be the most expensive new car ever commissioned, The Telegraph reported.

The rear space comprises a ‘Passarelle’ (‘bridge’ in French) across, finished in ‘Madagascar Ebony’ veneer. Choice details include the name Sweptail embossed into the centre line and a Riva Aquarama-esque deck for, er… hats. There are also discreet storage spaces for the client’s laptop and a bespoke luggage set. 

CAR speaks to Rolls-Royce CEO, Torsten Müller-Ötvös

Rolls-Royce chief exec, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, pulled the covers off the car at the Villa d'Este concourse event and we sat down to chat Sweptail and what it means for the ultimate luxury brand. 

The Sweptail has been hailed as Rolls-Royce's return to creating bespoke cars, but creating them can be difficult on a platform that already exists.

Torsten hints at Rolls-Royce making future platforms more accessible for unique coachbuilding to be performed on them; ‘In theory [we can] because our decision is to go aluminium spaceframe architecture only, and that is the kind of technology that allows, in principle, doing stuff like that.’ He was however, keen to stress that this would need further investigation before allowing any future customers to get too excited about ordering their own unique car.

12-Car Collection Found in Swiss Castle Sells for $2.3 Million

  12-Car Collection Found in Swiss Castle Sells for $2.3 Million A 12-car cluster that ranged from a pair of pre-war Rolls to a few mid-60s Maseratis was sold for £1.8m.In a bid to protect the identity of the seller, the info on the schloss, collection history, and storage facility is scarce, but the cars appear to be in fairly good condition and require only minor mechanical work.

This Rolls - Royce might be the most expensive new car ever built. " Sweptail is the automotive equivalent of haute couture," Giles Taylor, the director of design for Rolls - Royce Motor Cars , said in a statement.

However lately Rolls Royce showcased its most expensive cars yet. Well, without a doubt, there is no second car in competition to the Rolls - Royce Sweptail . As first, the car is priced at a whopping $ 10 million and secondly, it will be the only model on road without any other editions.

The Rolls-Royce boss also mentioned how several potential customers have come to the brand to ask for a one-off car before, but this is the only one that has gone ahead thus far. Why now? ‘Because it needs the teaming of the right individuals to do it. For us it was also an adventure because it was completely new territory.’ 

‘You want to have a partner on board who is sustainable enough, understandable enough that this might need detours, but it was perfect. He [the anonymous client] trusted us, we trusted him and it was the right moment to do it. It’s also the future of luxury long-term; that you go even more custom-built.’

So how much is the Sweptail? Torsten neglected to give even a ballpark figure, but did say ‘it was substantially expensive. Substantially expensive. You can easily say that this is probably the most expensive new car in ages… ever.’

Don't ever expect to see this car in the metal, but it does prove that Rolls-Royce can still create coachbuilt cars. 

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