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Cut-price paradise: Maldives on the cheap

Sunday  21:36,   05 june 2016

Want to visit this island paradise but put off by the sky-high price tag? One local resident reveals how to visit on the cheapLive the jet-set lifestyle with your friends and hire a private island for as little as $50 per person per night. Olhahali[...]

Chinese officials release etiquette guide for visiting Shanghai Disneyland

Sunday  21:36,   05 june 2016
Relaxnews (AFP)

Shanghai's municipal government has released an etiquette guide to visiting Shanghai Disneyland ahead of its June opening, following episodes of boorish behavior exhibited by tourists earlier this month. The six-point guideline, as[...]

How to skip the crowds at these 12 travel iconic sites

Friday  13:26,   03 june 2016

From Great Wall to Grand Canyon – skip the queues and leave flag-waving tour guides in your dust with these alternative approaches to the world’s most-visited sites. 1. Bagan Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar)Visitors per year: Around 2.1 million Among the[...]

Malaysia just established its largest marine park ever and it's stunning

Friday  09:05,   03 june 2016

<p>Malaysia established its biggest marine park yet earlier this week, with the creation of the one million-hectare Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) off the northern tip of Sabah province in Borneo.</p>Officially the biggest Marine Protected Area (MPA) [...]

How Game Of Thrones Changed Iceland's Tourism Industry

Friday  07:00,   03 june 2016

If Iceland was once a well-kept secret – one reserved for dedicated travellers in search of lunar landscapes, natural hot springs and a plate of puffin or whale – all of that has changed. The Guardian report that the country, which only has a[...]

Scientists May Have Just Found A Way To Cure Jet Lag

Thursday  10:55,   02 june 2016
Huffington Post UK

A jet lag cure could soon be on the horizon as scientists in Japan have developed a new molecule that modifies the circadian rhythm.&nbsp;Researchers at Nagoya University's Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules have developed a set of[...]

Asia on a shoestring: best destinations for low-cost hotels

Thursday  10:35,   02 june 2016
Relaxnews (AFP)

As well as offering low prices for tourists visiting the region, Asia is a major destination for travellers in search of idyllic beaches. The Singapore-based hotel booking website, Agoda, which specialises in the region, has given Relaxnews its[...]

Heir B and B: Guests can stay at Princess Diana's childhood home for £27,000

Monday  12:40,   30 may 2016

Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer has revealed he is opening the Althorp family home for guests to stay a couple of nights. Diana grew up in the 500-year-old mansion before joining the royal family, and Althorp also serves as her final[...]

Quirky hotels you won't believe actually exist

Monday  10:05,   30 may 2016

A compilation of the wackiest hotels in the world that you would not believe you can really stay at.Be gone the boring room, banish the dull facade — a new list compiled by TripAdvisor rounds up 12 of the most amazing hotels around the world to[...]

5 incredible wildlife encounters in Britain

Wednesday  17:12,   25 may 2016

From badgers, to bottlenose dolphins and basking sharks, Britain is filled with extraordinary creatures!With the help of Bradt Guides new A Summer of British Wildlife we guide you through the best animal experiences in Great[...]

7 of the most unique gypsy caravan experiences in Britain

Wednesday  17:11,   25 may 2016

As glamping becomes ever more popular, there is one camping experience that has a particulary romantic allure: the gypsy caravan. With the help of Cool Camping's  new book Glamping Getaways, we highlight seven of Britain's most unique gypsy wagons[...]

The best ways to survive a long-haul flight

Tuesday  16:17,   24 may 2016

<p>Whether you're flying to New York for a weekend break or an adventure-packed month in New Zealand, check out these top tips for surviving your next long haul flight.</p>But many of the nuisances you'll come across on long-haul flights[...]

There’s a psychology to how you should plan your vacation

Tuesday  16:15,   24 may 2016

<p>Summer trapped in a hot, sticky city might be a miserable season, but it’s the anticipation of a two-week break from reality that helps make the summer months some of the most enjoyable of the year.</p>While taking a vacation has strong[...]

68% of travelers now book exclusively online

Tuesday  16:15,   24 may 2016
Relaxnews (AFP)

From the USA to Denmark to Italy, the internet is now an essential tool for booking travel for nearly seven out of ten travelers, according to a new global survey from MarkMonitor/Opinium. While a majority of travellers find the internet essential[...]

This Perfect Island Is Shutting Down Before Tourists Ruin It Forever

Tuesday  16:15,   24 may 2016

If you were planning on visiting Koh Tachai anytime soon well, don't plan on it anymore.If you were planning on visiting Koh Tachai anytime soon... well, don't plan on it[...]