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This Is How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room, According to Experts

Sunday  19:40,   17 september 2017
Reader's Digest

It’s no secret that there are some pretty germy spots in your hotel room. For starters, don’t even think about touching the hotel hair dryer. As for that kettle? You don’t even want to know the gross stuff that’s been in there.But in the midst of[...]

EasyJet unveils plan to connect with other airlines for long-haul flights

Saturday  15:45,   16 september 2017
International Business Times

EasyJet's passengers will now be able to book a single ticket for flights to North America and the Far East.The budget airline said on Wednesday (13 September) that it has reached an agreement to create a partnership with Norwegian and WestJet,[...]

Oh, No! This Airline Is Taking Away Some Major Flying Perks for Passengers

Wednesday  16:52,   13 september 2017
Reader's Digest

If you’re thinking about spending a few extra bucks on a first class ticket, we have some bad news. You might not be getting everything you bargained for.United Airlines has decided to make a few cuts to its menu for first class fliers,[...]

Ever wonder how Brexit will impact the airline industry?

Sunday  17:15,   10 september 2017

Ever wonder how Brexit will impact the airline industry?Global concerns are climbing as key questions arise over the ramifications of the Brexit deal. Airlines are becoming increasingly apprehensive over what will happen to the open skies agreements [...]

This Is the Best Economy Airline in the World—and It Sounds Downright Heavenly

Sunday  15:05,   10 september 2017
Reader's Digest

Picture a flight with touch-screen displays, hundreds of options for in-flight entertainment, and fresh meals from local farms brought straight to your reclining seat with ample legroom. For most fliers, it sounds like a thing of dreams—or at the[...]

Pippa Middleton's in-laws' Eden Rock hotel in St Barts destroyed by Hurricane Irma

Saturday  16:05,   09 september 2017

Eden Rock hotel in St Barts, which is owned by Pippa Middleton's husband James Matthews' family has been badly damaged by Hurricane Irma . The five-star hotel is a celebrity hotspot that counts Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez and the Middleton[...]

28% of adults ‘can’t enjoy holiday without alcohol’

Friday  08:25,   08 september 2017
Press Association

The survey revealed 10% had spent more on alcohol while on holiday than the cost of flights and accommodation.  The figures emerged amid growing concern about drunken airline passengers causing disruption on flights.Some 58% of those who drink[...]

Ryanair changes luggage allowances to cut flight delays

Wednesday  14:00,   06 september 2017
Press Association

Ryanair is ending its policy of allowing non-priority passengers to have two items of hand luggage. The Dublin-based carrier said it made the decision because flights are being delayed because of a lack of space in overhead lockers.From November 1[...]

Fish are friends, not food ... and now hotel companions!

Wednesday  13:56,   06 september 2017

Fish are friends, not food and now hotel companions!News of this slightly bizarre idea broke twitter as radio producer Michelle Cooke tweeted a picture of her friends' experience at the four star[...]

This Is Why Your Pilot Might Turn the Plane Around During Landings

Wednesday  11:51,   06 september 2017
Reader's Digest

If your flight is finally near the airport when the plane starts circling around instead of landing, your gut reaction might be panic. Time to calm your fears, because doing a roundabout before landing is totally[...]

If You Never Recognize Your Luggage, This Hilarious Travel Case Is For You

Tuesday  09:15,   05 september 2017

Trying to identify luggage at baggage claim can be frustrating and confusing. One London-based company is here to change that. To keep you from having to sort through a sea of lookalike black luggage, online retailer Firebox created a “head case”[...]


Monday  10:45,   04 september 2017

A cheap transatlantic flight is the holy grail for many travellers, and one airline is getting creative in a bid to offer passengers the most affordable prices. From the 1st of October, Irish carrier Aer Lingus - which is owned by the same[...]

Ever wish you could go shopping at an airport without having to fly somewhere as well?

Monday  09:15,   04 september 2017

Ever wish you could go shopping at an airport without having to fly somewhere as well?Pittsburgh's innovative idea will become a reality on September 5th, when members of the public will be able to enter the airport and browse the extensive shops[...]

Monarch has a very innovative way of helping its passengers deal with stress of travel

Monday  09:00,   04 september 2017

Monarch has a very innovative way of helping its passengers deal with stress of travelWith this in mind British airline Monarch has developed an amazing menu for anxious travelers. Presented in the form of small snacks, these "anxiolytic" recipes[...]

You can stay in a chic Parisian hotel room designed by Karl Lagerfeld

Friday  13:55,   01 september 2017

Karl Lagerfeld designed two rooms at Hôtel de Crillon in Paris when it was renovated. See inside the rooms, including one designed with his cat Choupette in mindThe Chanel creative director has decorated two signature suites, called Les Grands[...]