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5 Tips For Travelling Safely With Food Allergies

Wednesday  04:25,   30 august 2017

I was diagnosed with a severe allergy to berries and red fruits when I was an infant, and I've also been on a gluten-free diet for the last four years. Traveling with food allergies can be annoying and intimidating, leaving us and our[...]

If You Want to Avoid Crowds, These Are the Best Times to Visit Disneyland

Wednesday  04:25,   30 august 2017

For true fans of all things Disney, the best time to visit the parks is, well . . . any time. Still, throughout the year there are periods when the park has special events you may not want to miss - or if you're not a huge fan of crowds,[...]

Why You Should Always Turn on the Air Vent Above You During a Flight

Monday  09:23,   28 august 2017
Travel + Leisure

The next time you go to turn off the ventilation above your seat on an airplane — whether because you're afraid of getting sick or you're downright chilly — you might want to reconsider. Using that tiny vent can actually work to[...]

EasyJet free ticket giveaway scam is duping customers with fake boarding passes

Saturday  14:25,   26 august 2017
International Business Times

When something looks too good to be true, it usually is. Hackers are luring users into clicking on potentially harmful malware by posting on what looks like a genuine easyJet Facebook account with a competition celebrating the low-cost[...]

6 things to do at the Historic Royal Palaces this autumn

Saturday  14:08,   26 august 2017
Country Living

From after-dark tours to spooky film screenings, here's what's happening at these iconic landmarksThey are open to the public all year round, but this autumn, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London will host a number [...]

Five of the Best Things to do in Vegas.

Friday  16:25,   25 august 2017

What happens in[...]

A Coral Reef in Mexico Just Got Its Own Insurance Policy

Thursday  11:10,   24 august 2017
Mental Floss

It’s a whole new way to protect vital natural storm barriers.Coral reefs are currently threatened by increasing ocean acidification, warmer waters, pollution, and other ocean changes that put them at risk of extinction. Mass coral bleachings are[...]

This map shows the most visited countries in the world

Thursday  08:15,   24 august 2017

Tourism is on the rise, generally speaking .More of us go abroad than ever before for our holidays, and as it gets easier to travel around the world, more and more people opt to do so.So where do we all want to go?A map shared on reddit in late[...]

Flight searches soar to fictional 'Game of Thrones' locations

Tuesday  18:58,   22 august 2017
Harper's Bazaar

With fans eager to holiday in WesterosFlight booking site has experienced a spike in searches to the mythical lands featured in the series. Hundreds of flight searches to Westeros and Essos have been made since the new season aired, with[...]

5 Travel Destinations for Pastel Lovers

Tuesday  18:57,   22 august 2017

Less about the hotel and more about the hue.Your final decision could be based on finding somewhere with that elusive combination of hedonism and culture (yes, even Ibiza has a contemporary art museum) or you could be on the hunt for somewhere[...]

London is no longer the most expensive city in the UK – find out which is

Tuesday  09:21,   22 august 2017

London, the home of £9.50 pints and ever sky–rocketing rent prices, is no longer the most expensive city in the UK – find out which isRecent studies show that the historic hotspot – home to one of the world's most prestigious universities – shows[...]

This pared-back Cornish retreat is an architectural delight

Monday  21:02,   21 august 2017
House Beautiful

The Hide features a hot tub, fire pit and hand-crafted concrete BBQ.The self-catering Callestick hideaway is a lovely example of a quaint luxury escape which oozes rural tranquility and[...]

A scientist reveals the secrets to beating jet lag

Monday  12:23,   21 august 2017
Tech Insider

Jet lag is the disruption of your body clock. Your body or circadian clock regulates a host of different functions including your sleep, metabolism, and digestion. That dreaded side effect of international travel hell bent on ruining a[...]

Rio Ferdinand shares first photo with girlfriend Kate Wright on family holiday

Sunday  21:11,   20 august 2017

Rio Ferdinand has posted the first photo showing himself and his girlfriend Kate Wright, with fans praising the star for going public with his[...]

Lower pound triggers spike in US tourists visiting Britain

Sunday  19:50,   20 august 2017
International Business Times

Number of visitors from Europe also rises as the economy benefits from jump in tourism.Publishing its assessment of the market on Friday (18 August), the Office for Nation Statistics said the number of UK visitors rose to[...]