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Here's the cheapest time to book a holiday this summer

Wednesday  11:25,   11 april 2018

Why the month you choose to go travelling mattersThat's the key finding from the team at TravelSupermarket, who have crunched the numbers on the 20 most popular overseas' beach destinations that British holidaymakers are searching for this[...]
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Why are hotel 'Do Not Disturb' signs disappearing one by one?

Tuesday  08:10,   03 april 2018

Why are hotel 'Do Not Disturb' signs disappearing one by one?This particular change in the wording changes the[...]

Airline Bans Oversized Passengers, New Parents From Business Class

Thursday  11:46,   29 march 2018

Thai Airways is banning oversized passengers and new parents from business class seats on flights. Passengers considered to be too large for the business class seats, as well as new parents traveling with their children, will be bumped back to[...]

Carlisle airport to resume flights after 25 years

Friday  10:15,   16 march 2018

Loganair will connect the Cumbria airport with London Southend, Belfast and Dublin from June. The carrier will use 34-seat Saab 340B aircraft to operate eight flights on weekdays and 12 at weekends.See you soon, @SouthendAirport, @belfastairport &[...]

Ranked: The best and worst of the UK's airport lounges

Friday  06:35,   16 march 2018

The nation's pay-as-you-go airport lounges have been inspected and ranked - and have been deemed fairly underwhelming for the most part, according to Which?..Which? reviewers carried out an inspection of 20 lounges across eight UK airport, and[...]

This Airport Is Now Offering Nonstop Flights to the Kingdom of Wakanda

Tuesday  06:45,   27 february 2018

Marvel’s deservedly much-hyped Black Panther opened to rave reviews and a whopping $242 million during its debut over President’s day weekend and it appears that the influence of the film is taking flight — literally. In honor of the film, Atlanta’s [...]

Former Pilot Explains 10 “Code Words” Passengers Don’t Understand

Thursday  10:56,   22 february 2018

Even though more people are flying than ever before, the world of air travel still retains a certain air of mystery. In an effort to shed some light on the enigmatic industry, long-time commercial airline pilot and author of 2013’s Cockpit[...]

The World's Largest Cruise Ship Has 20 Restaurants, a 10-story Slide, and a Robotic Bar

Monday  09:25,   19 february 2018

The world’s largest cruise ship is preparing to set sail, even earlier than expected. Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas cruise ship is nearing completion at its construction site in St. Nazaire, France, USA Today[...]

What cabin crew want you to STOP doing on flights right now

Friday  08:50,   16 february 2018

And why you really shouldn't take your socks off on boardBut, if we're honest, we've never stopped to think what flight attendants think of our behaviour as we shuffle sleepily to our seats on those early morning[...]

How Pilots Use the Seat Belt Sign to Send Secret Messages to Cabin Crew

Wednesday  06:50,   14 february 2018

Every flight is an opportunity to crack secret aviation codes. Astute passengers will notice black triangle stickers located over select seats in the cabin. Others may question why tray tables and seats need to be in an upright and locked position[...]

These are the coolest towns in the UK

Monday  07:22,   05 february 2018

TravelSupermarket has named the most hip hangouts in the UK based on factors such as the number of independent coffee shops, co-working spaces and art galleries to the number of residentsThe West Country town has taken the top spot in a shortlist of [...]

This one type of holiday is brilliant for your wellbeing, says study

Thursday  09:20,   01 february 2018

And the effects can last for six monthsIt turns out that one type of travel may be particularly beneficial for our wellbeing – and the effects can apparently last for six[...]

Disney World Is Opening a 'Toy Story' Land, and It Looks Bonkers

Tuesday  06:56,   30 january 2018

Disney World's New Toy Story Land: Opening Date, Rides & RestaurantsWalt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is giving you a chance to be a toy. Kinda. This summer, it’ll welcome Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, an 11-acre park [...]

This is the 'most expensive' passport in the world

Friday  06:35,   19 january 2018

The price of the Australian passport has surged making it the most expensive in the world, according to new analysis.The cost of the 10-year travel book is now $282 (Australian dollars), around £160, and has risen by 41 per cent over the last[...]

This is why you should wait until the last minute to book your summer holiday

Monday  08:00,   15 january 2018

But only if you're flying short-haulYep, even though we're often told that flights are cheapest to book at the very start of the year, new research by travel search engine KAYAK has revealed that we Brits might get a better deal if we wait a[...]