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Airports are selling some medicines that could get you arrested on holiday

Thursday  09:51,   23 november 2017
Prima (UK)

So get[...]

This was officially the best country to visit in 2017 — and it's not too late to book a trip

Wednesday  11:05,   22 november 2017

 Canada has been named the best country to visit in 2017 by Travel+Leisure. Canada has been named "Destination of the Year 2017" by[...]

5 of the best city breaks for 2018 – and the best time to go

Monday  11:06,   20 november 2017
House Beautiful (UK)

Add these to your travel bucket list!Using the knowledge and predictions from's in-house travel experts and by analysing data on the fastest growing destinations this year, the results reveal Tallinn as the best city break, whilst[...]

Why you should always book your return flight with a different airline

Monday  11:05,   20 november 2017

It may be easier to book your whole journey with the same carrier but you could fall foul of a little known clause in their terms and conditions.Although it can be cheaper and more convenient, travellers booking the whole journey with the same[...]

The 10 most welcoming cities in the world to go on holiday have been revealed

Friday  11:05,   17 november 2017
Country Living (UK)

Six of the friendliest cities are in Europe. Can you guess where?Being surrounded by friendly faces and helpful people in a foreign city can really make your experience all the more valuable and[...]

There’s now a ‘Frequent Traveler University’ where you can learn to fly first class for free

Friday  11:05,   17 november 2017

 A non-profit group is running free talks on how to make the most out of air miles. Frequent Traveller University runs weekend conventions across the world.Seminars explain how to save money and get travel perks, including first class[...]

A new luxury departure lounge just opened at Heathrow Terminal 5 for any flier willing to pay £40 — take a look inside

Wednesday  13:06,   15 november 2017

A new independent airport lounge has opened at Heathrow's Terminal 5. A new private airport lounge opened in Heathrow's Terminal 5 on Monday, meaning waiting for a flight has become all the more luxurious — even if you're not flying[...]

The weird thing you never noticed about airports

Tuesday  10:01,   14 november 2017
Cosmopolitan (UK)

And how it could be making you spend moreBut there's so much we don't know about these places, like; what's behind all the no entry doors, how do all the bags make it to the right plane and why do all airport corridors slope slightly to the[...]

Revealed: When You Should Book Flights For Your 2018 Holiday To Get The Cheapest Deals

Monday  08:24,   13 november 2017
Huffington Post UK

To get the best deal on flights for your 2018 holiday you should book two months before your scheduled departure, new research suggests. A review of more than 100 million fares on 1,704 worldwide routes found on average, booking 60 days in advance[...]

This is the one meal you should always order on a plane

Friday  08:50,   03 november 2017
Prima (UK)

If you want the tastiest option, anywayBut, while few of us board a flight expecting to have the best meal of our lives, it turns out you can influence how tasty your in-flight dinner is – by making the best possible[...]

This city just opened the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe!

Thursday  07:20,   02 november 2017

This city just opened the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe!"The number of attendance went beyond our expectations. We are very happy!" Angélique Vallée-Sygut, the aquarium's director, told Tribune de[...]

The most elegant city in the world has been named

Friday  13:48,   27 october 2017
Prima (UK)

Just in time to book your next sophisticated city breakA city that is known for its style, glamour and sophistication has officially been named the most elegant city in the world. Of course, we are talking about[...]

These are the bizarre secret hand signals EasyJet flight attendants use to communicate with each other

Friday  08:15,   27 october 2017

Budget airline EasyJet has a set of secret hand signal codes that flight attendants use to communicate.Back in May, passenger Jamie East — a TV and radio presenter — posted a short video to Twitter showing the cabin crew conversing using "bizarre[...]

This is now the most powerful passport in the world

Thursday  10:15,   26 october 2017

Collecting passports has become a status symbol for the super-rich — or those who simply love to travel. However, some are much more sought-after than others.And Singapore has been named as the country with the most powerful passport in the world in [...]

This low-cost airline is selling flights from London and Paris to Toronto for £149 — free WiFi included

Thursday  08:35,   26 october 2017

Scandinavian airline Primera Air is launching flights from its bases at London Stansted, Birmingham, and Paris to Toronto, Canada for £149 ($196) — and they're already on sale.The "low-fare/high quality" routes — which will commence in May 2018[...]