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Bookworms, You Aren't Going To Like This Airport Security News

Wednesday  16:35,   28 june 2017

If there's one thing bookworms know to be true, it's that you should never travel without at least several books. Plenty of us are guilty of shoving multiple tomes into our carry-on luggage just in case our suitcase gets delayed on the way[...]

Edinburgh Airport in darkness after power cut

Wednesday  16:10,   28 june 2017
Press Association

It is understood the power failure happened at around 9am.Power to the building was lost at about 9am, causing delays to check-ins and[...]

Would you ride a cable-free elevator? World's first multi-directional 'Wonkavator' is now a reality

Wednesday  13:45,   28 june 2017
International Business Times

Willy Wonka's great glass elevator is becoming a reality thanks to a German engineering firm that has developed the world's first cable-free lift that can travel horizontally and vertically. German multinational conglomerate[...]

The royal family's £4.5million travel bill revealed

Wednesday  09:40,   28 june 2017

The Queen, Prince Charles and other members of the royal family spent £4.5million on travel for their royal tours in 2016, a new report has revealedThe single most expensive trip is Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall's nine-day tour of[...]

London to get fastest zip line in the world this summer

Tuesday  19:20,   27 june 2017
International Business Times

The 50mph Zip World London ride will be open through July and August.Every Londoner has seen it, done it and bought the over-priced T-shirt – so it's going to take something more than just a bit special to get them queuing up on a sticky summer's[...]

You can rent this scenic Welsh island for only £500 a month

Tuesday  17:40,   27 june 2017
Country Living UK

That's less than a one-bedroom flat in south England. But what's the catch?Ynys Giftan Island, situated in the Dwyrd Estuary, could be all yours if you agree to carry out one important job - the farmhouse and outbuildings on the island must[...]

How to get a refund from TfL if the tube makes you 15 minutes late

Tuesday  16:01,   27 june 2017
Harper's Bazaar

It's actually pretty simple to doWhat you probably aren't aware of is the fact that you might actually be entitled to a refund from Transport to London if your journey is[...]

Watch This AirAsia Flight Violently Shake Midair

Tuesday  15:36,   27 june 2017
Esquire UK

The pilot asked passengers to "pray" twice Think it's a bit of a cringe when people clap when a flight lands? Here's one circumstance when applause was totally[...]

Hot tub boats are a thing and they're coming to London

Tuesday  13:20,   27 june 2017

Hot tub boats are set to launch in London and travel along Regent's Canal this summer. Hot tub boats are set to launch in London and travel along Regent's Canal this[...]

You can party on this decommissioned oil tanker that's now a moving waterpark

Tuesday  12:21,   27 june 2017

D-Boat Antigua is a decommissioned 1974 oil tanker that's been turned into a waterpark. The boat has built in slides, a rope swing, trampolines, a high diving board, as well as a bar for food and drink. D-Boat Antigua is a[...]

The Newest Airport Security Measure Is Very, Very Creepy

Tuesday  09:05,   27 june 2017
Reader's Digest

Let’s be honest: Air travel already feels pretty invasive. Between the metal detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs, and gloved TSA pat-downs, it’s no wonder we all dread going through the airport security line. Let’s be honest: Air travel already[...]

This real-life hobbit house is an eco dream

Tuesday  08:45,   27 june 2017
Country Living UK

And is just as magical inside as you'd imagineThis unusual shed is a contender against three others in the shortlisted Eco category, including a woodland stargazer, a cork shed and a sheep shed. Take a look at the[...]

The Obamas go white water rafting in Bali

Monday  19:58,   26 june 2017
Harper's Bazaar

The family are enjoying a 10-day holiday in IndonesiaBut, no lazing by the pool for this family - Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia kicked off their trip with a spot of white water rafting. They were spotted enjoying the activity on the Ayung river, [...]

Leigh-Anne Pinnock holidays in paradise with boyfriend Andre Gray – see the photos

Monday  12:35,   26 june 2017

Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 25, has been holidaying with her footballer boyfriend Andre Gray – see the singer's bikini-clad Instagram photos.The 25-year-old also cosied up to her boyfriend in a few shots taken on a boat, with Leigh-Anne [...]

Turns Out, THIS Is The Most Disgusting Place On An Airplane

Monday  12:11,   26 june 2017

We always have a sneaking suspicion that there are things the flight attendants aren't telling us when we hop on a plane. This isn't rooted in paranoia as much as in wanting to know all the secrets and inner workings of the tin cans we fly[...]