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Why are Chris and Liam Hemsworth and Zac Efron painting one fingernail?

Thursday  11:35,   13 october 2016

These guys are really nailing it! Several of Hollywood's leading men have been curiously busting out nail polish and painting only one finger. The reason, though, has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with righting a[...]

Man Discovers 'Worst Perfume Name Ever' At Westfield

Tuesday  14:14,   11 october 2016

A man’s tweet has gone viral after he shared a photo of a rather confusing sign he spotted during a shopping trip at London’s Westfield White City. Joe Harland, who works for BBC Radio, spotted a sign directing shoppers towards the nearest[...]

Did British Vogue Miss The Mark With Its 'Real Women' Issue?

Monday  13:35,   10 october 2016

Imagine what it’s like to be Alexandra Shulman. Imagine editing the world’s most influential fashion magazine for a quarter of a century. Imagine steering it through global recession, size zero scandals and the dawn of the digital age. And then[...]

Prince George: The real reason the little royal only wears shorts

Friday  07:00,   07 october 2016

<p>We've seen Prince George on a number of occasions now – at public engagements, in official photographs, and most recently during last week's tour of Canada – and there's one thing that royal watchers have noticed about the little[...]

Could Tuberose Perfumes Be The Key To Attraction?

Thursday  10:28,   06 october 2016

It’s official, tuberose is making a comeback. The night-blooming flower’s heavy, sweet and buttery aroma (almost-gourmand, but wild and indolic) takes centre stage in a number of this year’s new releases, including Sarah Burton’s first fragrance for [...]

This teenager spent more than €20,000 to look like David Beckam

Sunday  14:21,   02 october 2016

This teenager spent more than €20,000 to look like David BeckamJack Johnson told ITV’s This Morning Show that he wanted to transform himself into the footballer because he loves his lifestyle and the way he[...]

I Tried It: I Bathed in Live Bacteria for a Month

Tuesday  03:07,   27 september 2016

The Goal: Healthy Skin We’ve all heard about probiotic foods, like kimchi and kombucha, and how they can help balance out the bacteria in our stomachs . But what about skin—can good bacteria make that healthier, too?According to the U.S.-based[...]

Charlotte Tilbury has made a lipstick for the Queen and we want it

Tuesday  03:06,   27 september 2016

Give us a swatch your Majesty.Just wait until you see the colour, you are about to very jelly. But luckily, good old Charlotte made more than one. So now we can all have lips like[...]

Vanessa Redgrave, 79, Stars In New Gucci Campaign

Friday  08:20,   23 september 2016

Gucci has chosen British actress Vanessa Redgrave to star in its Cruise 2017 campaign .The 79-year-old posed for photographer Glen Luchford alongside a cast of models at Chatsworth House, the 16th century Derbyshire home of the Duke and Duchess of[...]

H&M Has Pulled Plus Size Clothing From All These Stores

Thursday  17:55,   22 september 2016

Unable to find any plus size clothing in H&amp;M stores that carried it before, Revelist asked sales assistants where it was - only to be told they had stopped selling it “months ago” .The publication then contacted a spokesperson for the brand, [...]

Wrangler Ad Tells Women They're 'More Than A Bum'

Thursday  17:20,   22 september 2016

In what is potentially one of the most cringe-worthy ads of 2016, Wrangler offers women the sage and much-needed advice that they’re “more than a bum” .All while including lots of shots of women’s bums looking great in Wrangler jeans, of course.“You [...]

Jools Oliver hits back at mum who shamed her for sharing post-baby photo

Thursday  10:00,   22 september 2016

Jools Oliver has written a strong response to woman who shamed her for sharing post-baby body photo.While many fans were quick to praise the 41-year-old mum-of-five, one lady in particular took offense to what she saw as another celebrity mum[...]

Pippa Middleton insists she's not a party girl: 'The word socialite really irritates me'

Tuesday  10:25,   20 september 2016

Pippa Middleton insists she's not a 'party girl' as she launches new[...]

Game Of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Found The Ultimate Naked Dress For The Emmys

Monday  10:00,   19 september 2016

There have been a slew of memorable Naked Dress moments on the red carpet over the years.&nbsp;See, Clarke's Atelier Versace look at the 2016 Emmy Awards doesn't have many common qualities of the Naked Dress; it isn't sheer, covered in[...]

'Be careful with your words': Vogue Williams hits back at body shamers

Monday  08:10,   19 september 2016

Vogue Williams has hit back on body shamers who made comments about her weight on Instagram.Vogue Williams has hit back at body shamers who made negative comments about her weight. The 30-year-old had posted a gorgeous photo from her HELLO! Online[...]