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The Internet is divided over Kim Kardashian's new Classic makeup collection

Friday  20:20,   20 july 2018

Do you love it or hate[...]
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Why Meghan Markle’s Pink Trench Coat Ended In Tears For Nonie Fashion Designer

Thursday  09:10,   19 july 2018

The #MeghanEffect is now making people cryHowever, for Canadian designer Nina Kharey - the founder of high-fashion brand House of Nonie - images of the Duchess of Sussex at a visit to the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition in her design resulted in [...]

The reason Princess Charlotte is just like her great-grandmother the Queen

Thursday  08:05,   19 july 2018

Princess Charlotte is just like her great-grandmother the Queen in so many ways – including the way she dresses!Apart from bearing a strong physical resemblance to the monarch, Charlotte also has the same interests as her Gan-Gan, in particular her[...]

This one style is quickly becoming Meghan Markle's go-to fashion move

Tuesday  07:45,   17 july 2018

Have you noticed her showcasing this trend?In the nine months since she officially started her journey to become a Duchess, one neckline in particular seems to have become a default Meghan look: the boatneck, or bateau neckline. Glamour reports that [...]

This one thing will always ruin your work outfit and its easy to fix!

Monday  19:56,   16 july 2018

<p>This one thing will always ruin your work outfit and its easy to fix!</p>For one, it can mean a pair of scrubs, or a pencil skirt and white shirt, while to others it could mean a pair of jeans and a[...]

Why These Women Are Smashing Beauty Ideals And Embracing Their Armpit Hair

Monday  14:16,   16 july 2018

In the summer, cardigans are forgotten, jackets are left behind and armpits are out.&nbsp;Have you ever asked yourself why you shave your armpits? Or has it just become something you do, almost without thinking, like brushing your[...]

Sorry, you've been saying Versace all wrong

Monday  11:05,   16 july 2018

Stop saying "Versachee."The revelation comes courtesy of the Versace Instagram page, with help from a slew of models (including Gigi Hadid) and Donatella Versace[...]

Why the Duchess of Sussex wasn't allowed to wear her hat at Wimbledon

Monday  08:20,   16 july 2018

It's the royal's go-to accessoryBut there was one thing she wasn't wearing - her favoured[...]

How Prince Louis' Christening Photos Compare to George and Charlotte's

Monday  08:20,   16 july 2018

The little prince's photos are so precious.The two-month-old royal baby stars in the images, shot by British photographer Matt Holyoak, along with other famous faces from the royal[...]

Meghan Markle is a ray of light for the royal family, exclusive poll finds

Sunday  17:05,   15 july 2018

We asked you what you thought of Meghan Markle joining the royal family, her and Prince Harry's royal wedding and more – see our exclusive poll resultsThe survey of more than 4,000 people, carried out by HELLO! Online, also found 72 per cent are [...]

Kate Middleton Wears a Summery Polka Dot Dress Attending Wimbledon with Meghan Markle

Sunday  13:05,   15 july 2018

It's their first outing together without their husbands. © Getty Images Kate Middleton Wears Polka Dot Dress At Wimbledon As usual, Kate's coveted style was instantly evident at the event, as she wore a fitted polka dot dress,[...]

Could heeled Crocs be the worst shoe trend of the year?

Saturday  14:35,   14 july 2018

We’ve seen some pretty wacky shoe trends down through the years, but even still, nothing could have prepared us for this… Although comfy and very easy to wear, Crocs have long been considered to be some of the ugliest shoes around.Now, the shoe[...]

David Beckham Dressed Like The Leader We All Need

Saturday  13:56,   14 july 2018


How To Get Exactly What You Want From Your Eyebrow Appointment

Saturday  13:15,   14 july 2018

Because surprise eyebrows are never funWalking out of your appointment with over-threaded, super dark brows that look more Drew Barrymore circa '98 than Glossier's latest Boy Brow campaign, can be almost as stressful as a Love Island[...]