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Take a look inside the $25 million villa Mariah Carey rented for her 47th birthday

Sunday  16:30,   02 april 2017

It's got all of the diva essentials, of[...]
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The Queen is hiring someone to make cushions and curtains for her royal homes

Thursday  15:07,   30 march 2017

The dream of many interior designers is the chance to decorate some of the most famous rooms in the world — and as far as residents go, you can't get much more famous than Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal Household has just published a job [...]

This Complete Spring Cleaning Shopping List Will Help You Tackle Every Room in the House

Wednesday  15:31,   22 march 2017

After months of chilly temps, we’re finally heading for more sunshine and fewer snow days. But with the warmer weather also comes the urge (okay, obligation) to organize, declutter and scrub the house from top to bottom. The key to making spring[...]

The world's most spectacular sheds do battle - from Norwegian clifftop cabins to Canadian treetop retreats

Thursday  13:55,   16 march 2017

The humble garden shed is set to have its international moment in the spotlight, as more people than ever across the globe view their shed as an extension of their homes. Three quarters of shed owners claim to feel happier, healthier and[...]

This is what to clean in your home and when

Wednesday  08:30,   15 march 2017

Aside from the daily and weekly chores, here's what you should be doing throughout the year What should you be cleaning in your home and when? With so many areas of our home to maintain it can be difficult to prioritise and keep on top of it[...]

William and Kate are reportedly building a giant basement extension at Kensington Palace

Tuesday  15:20,   14 march 2017

John Stillwell/PA Archive/PA Images The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are building a two-storey extension that will allow them to make a permanent move to Kensington Palace in the autumn. Dug next to the 18th-century Orangery, built in 1704 [...]

You Won't Believe How Many Bridesmaids Secretly Dislike Their Dresses

Monday  15:26,   13 march 2017

Being asked to serve as a bridesmaid is an honour that can cement a long-term friendship or reinforce a family bond. But sadly, the vast majority of bridesmaids don't actually like the dresses they wear, according to new research. A survey of[...]

My Four Kids And I Built Our Own House After Watching YouTube Tutorials

Monday  09:10,   13 march 2017

Cara Brookins escaped an abusive relationship and built a new house, and life, for her family.But as she looked at her four children sleeping in their small rental cabin in the Ozark Mountains- their temporary sanctuary from an abusive relationship[...]

Here's why you should always avoid drying your clothes indoors

Saturday  02:05,   11 march 2017

We're probably all guilty of thisBut it turns out that popping your wet towels, socks and undies on a clotheshorse in the living room for a few hours could actually be pretty bad for[...]

I tried on 80 wedding dresses before I found 'The One'

Friday  10:50,   03 march 2017

A newly-engaged Bazaar editor embarks on a quest to find her dream wedding dress.Bride-to-be: It was the first dress I tried[...]

Catherine Zeta-Jones shares photos of her amazing house including her stunning 'girl cave'

Wednesday  10:55,   01 march 2017

Catherine Zeta-Jones has given fans serious interiors inspiration by sharing a series of photos inside her and Michael Douglas' luxurious home on Instagram."We bought a new TV. Well, really, we bought a new house," she revealed in an interview[...]

The 8 Biggest Home Decor Mistakes You Can Make

Wednesday  09:50,   22 february 2017

Decorating is a process, and there will undoubtedly be hits and misses - but you don't have to learn every interior design lesson the hard way. You see a colour you like so you buy it and start painting your walls, right? Wrong! Colours [...]

Ikea has created a quilt that can be worn like a jacket

Tuesday  10:45,   21 february 2017

And finally, we have the blanket/coat mash-up of our dreams.Which is why when we discovered that Ikea had created a blanket that you could also wear like a jacket, we quickly wrote this story and then excused ourselves and headed to the blue and[...]

Melania Trump to preserve Michelle Obama's vegetable garden at the White House

Wednesday  09:55,   15 february 2017

Melania Trump will maintain Michelle Obama's small garden during her time as First LadyThe senior advisor to the First Lady Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released a statement to CNN about her plans, which read: "As a mother and as the First Lady of[...]

Bride reveals why she wears her wedding dress for every anniversary

Tuesday  08:45,   14 february 2017

For many brides, once the wedding day is over, the dress is put in a giant box or hung in the spare room, never to be heard of again. Which, when you think about it, is a colossal waste of money – not to mention hours of painstaking dressmaking[...]