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09:31  21 june  2018
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The Labrador is a versatile dog who can sprint at speed over short distances or maintain an easy loping Kia” s favourite activity is pinching our Grandsons toys and running round with them, I am Hi pippa, I have a 7month old Labrador pup and he has started chewing my skirting boards and walls

Bringing you chocolate Labrador facts, features, and fun! This is a complete, in-depth guide to the world’ s favourite brown dog . An English chocolate Lab is often less concerned over the little ups and downs of life. Its all a bit of fun. Nothing is taken too seriously.

Britain's most popular dogs have been revealed, with French Bulldogs overtaking Labradors. A warning has been issued for dog owners looking to get a French Bulldog.: And Britain's favourite dog breed is... © Getty Images And Britain's favourite dog breed is... French Bulldogs have been named the nation’s favourite dog breed, overtaking the Labrador Retriever for the first time since 1990, according to statistics by the Kennel Club.

Owned by numerous celebrities, Frenchies have seen an astronomical 2,964% increase in the last ten years and is likely to be named 2018’s top dog.

Research by the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest dog welfare organisation, revealed that there were 8,403 French Bulldog puppy registrations in the first quarter of 2018, compared to 7,409 for the Labrador - a 23% uplift on the first quarter of 2017, while Labrador numbers have only rise by 7%.

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I just purchased my first dog ever in my life and she is a beautiful little yellow lab I named Bailey We went right over and the whitest little girl picked out my husband and we had our next baby. I am in the process of looking for a labrador pup to join our family (we have two children aged 5 and 8) but I

Home Labrador Health Breeding Labs : Should My Dog Have Puppies ? Costs of extra care and vaccinations for any pups unsold after eight weeks. If you have to take unpaid Ive been considering letting her have a litter for a long time, taking time,money,health and all aspects into consideration.

The popularity of the breed has seen an unprecedented rise in recent years, with a 44% increase from 2016 to 2017 alone.

a brown and white dog: French Bulldog © Andrei Spirache - Getty Images French Bulldog A warning has been issued to potential dog-owners following the release of the new figures, with the Kennel Club concerned that the dramatic increase in numbers of French Bulldogs is due to people choosing the breed because of how it looks and because it is considered to be a fashionable choice, rather than it being the most suitable breed for their lifestyle. 

There is also a fear of undocumented and unregistered French Bulldogs being brought illegally into the country from Eastern Europe, with dogs that have been bred by puppy farmers often suffering with serious health problems. As the French Bulldog is a flat-faced breed, it can be affected by health problems related to its breathing.

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You must have been very worried. Labrador puppies can swim though of course falling into a pool is not the best introduction to water. Lovely story Valerie, it just takes some dogs a little longer to get that confidence.

Arguably there are few breeds is more sociable than the Labrador Retriever. I’d say it depends on the dog but we have had two raised from puppies and crated (one longer than other) and they did not mess. Prior to my little pups arrival I built an indoor/outdoor run in the garage/yard, so that he has

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Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The problem is that rogue breeders are cashing in on this surging demand, which is why it has never been more important that people consider buying from a responsible breeder.

Meanwhile, the French Bulldog Welfare Trust warns that there has been a rise in people handing over Frenchies to a rescue centre after failing to do their research about the breed and realising they cannot care for it.

a brown and white dog sitting on the ground: Labrador puppy © Images by Christina Kilgour - Getty Images Labrador puppy “We are getting more and more French Bulldogs coming through our doors from people who haven’t thought through whether they are the right dog for their lifestyle,” Sue Worrall, Trustee of the French Bulldog Welfare Trust, says.

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Black Lab is an in-depth guide to the world' s favorite black dog . Packed with black Labrador It’ s now pretty clear that the black Labs ancestors were taken to Newfoundland by British fishermen in the first place. The black labrador has long been the darling of the hunting and shooting community.

LABRADOR wins Pup Idol! Britain ' s most beloved breed of dog is revealed after nationwide poll - but which is YOUR favourite ? The Labrador has been named Britain ' s favourite dog , beating the German Shepherd and the Jack Russell to the crown.

“People need to be aware that French Bulldogs require lots of companionship and training and can suffer from serious health problems.”

She adds: “A good breeder will supply any health test results for the parents and introduce the puppy buyer to the mum, and sometimes the dad, so that they can see if they have exaggerated features, such as overly short muzzles, which should be avoided.”

The Kennel Club is urging anyone looking to get a French Bulldog to consider the full range of breeds, including those that are at risk of disappearing like the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Otterhound and the Irish Red and White Setter. Old English Sheepdog numbers are also falling.

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