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5 Things You Learn About Yourself While Running

Sunday  18:22,   03 december 2017

I love doing a variety of fit activities, whether it's a HIIT class, ballet, weight training, barre, running, or what have you. Each activity has a different body and mind benefit. When I dance, I can only think about each movement and[...]

Why Are Women Still Being Left Behind In The Fight Against HIV?

Saturday  19:55,   02 december 2017

It has taken around 30 years but finally, we have an effective method of reducing the numbers of people contracting HIV. T he multi-pronged approach works; frequent testing, good adherence to medication, being undetectable, PEP and PrEP.The only[...]

This is why we should help elderly people get out the house this winter

Saturday  19:51,   02 december 2017
Netdoctor (UK)

It's good for their physical and mental healthIt seems that (regardless of health status or functional capacity) older people benefit both physically and mentally from leaving the house regularly, as it simultaneously encourages exercise and[...]

Dementia risk higher for overweight middle-aged people, study finds

Saturday  19:51,   02 december 2017
Press Association

More than 1.3 million adults from across Europe, the United States and Asia were involved in the research.The research, based on 39 studies across Europe, the United States and Asia, looked at the health of more than 1.3 million[...]

This fitness brand had the perfect response to their plus-size model getting fat-shamed

Friday  18:51,   01 december 2017

This fitness brand had the perfect response to their plus-size model getting fat-shamedIt is a refreshing campaign - and one that O'Brien is a perfect model for, as she has, in the past, struggled to find fitness wear in her[...]

Girls Aged 16-17 Are Among Highest Users Of NHS Mental Health Services - Here's Why

Friday  14:20,   01 december 2017
Huffington Post UK

Young women aged 16 and 17 were the most likely to have had an NHS referral for mental health, learning disability or autism services last year out of all young people, and among the highest service users across the population. For the[...]

The scientific reason why exercising too much can make you put on weight

Friday  08:06,   01 december 2017
Prima (UK)

Overdoing it can cause you to burn out.Believe it or not, too much exercise will actually make you put on weight, and tbh, that's not the worst news we could hear[...]

Liv Tyler's personal trainer discusses her post-baby workout

Friday  08:05,   01 december 2017

Liv Tyler has been praised by her personal trainer as a good example for 'female empowerment' and he discusses her post-baby workout - get details hereThe Lord of the Rings star gave birth to daughter Lula Rose in July, 2016, and according[...]

Migraine Drug That Cuts Frequency And Duration Of Attacks Hailed As 'Incredibly Important Step Forward'

Thursday  15:51,   30 november 2017
Huffington Post UK

Migraines are far more than headaches and can be debilitating to those who suffer them regularly, but that could be set to change. A new drug has been found to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks, cutting the duration of migraines[...]

I'm A Celeb's Rebekah Vardy opens up about mental health struggles

Thursday  13:26,   30 november 2017
Prima (UK)

She discussed a past suicide attempt and postnatal depression.Speaking on Tuesday night's show (28 November), the 35-year-old mother of four revealed her struggles with mental health during a discussion about suicide with fellow contestants Stanley[...]

5 Signs You Could Be Worryingly Low In Vitamin D

Thursday  13:25,   30 november 2017

And how to make sure you get enoughIt can also be responsible for long-term health problems such as a vitamin deficiency, which can lead to bigger problems later on. Not[...]

New Mums Can Donate Blood From Their Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood To Save A Person's Life

Thursday  11:05,   30 november 2017
Huffington Post UK

Instead of discarding your baby’s umbilical cordnew mums could donate it to save someone’s life. Instead of discarding your baby’s umbilical cord or preserving it to be used as household items or jewellery (yes, that’s a thing), new mums[...]

6 signs of stress you should never ignore

Wednesday  11:06,   29 november 2017

Your body has a way of letting you know that things are not ok. Stress is not just something that manifests itself mentally, but can also produce these physical[...]

This is why your body wakes you up five minutes before your alarm

Wednesday  11:05,   29 november 2017

You may have stumbled across the term 'circadian rhythm' before. It keeps you energised in the morning and drowsy in the evening, prompting sleep. It's essentially a 24 hour-internal clock controlled by a part of your hypothalamus in[...]

'I was brutally bullied': Miss Egypt reveals shocking struggle as a 'morbidly obese' teen

Wednesday  07:40,   29 november 2017
International Business Times

The Egyptian beauty queen wants to share her story from flab-to-fit and "be a role model for little girls".Miss Egypt has set an example for millions of young people who struggle with obesity by narrating her own journey from being a[...]