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This is why you always put lost weight back on so easily

Thursday  09:56,   02 august 2018

And what you can do about[...]
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Devoted couple who got engaged within two weeks of meeting after exchanging 129 love letters celebrate 70 years of wedded bliss (and say they've NEVER had a single argument)

Thursday  08:20,   02 august 2018

Megan and Denis Bollington met in London in 1947 - and within three months they were married. Seventy years on they have four children and have never had an argument.Megan, 92, and Denis Bollington, 93, say it was love at first sight when they met[...]

I Spent 3 Weeks on the Keto Diet—Here’s What It’s REALLY Like

Thursday  07:30,   02 august 2018

If you're reading this article you've probably heard something about the keto diet—the low-carb, high-fat way of eating that has been linked to better brain health and lower cholesterol, and of course weight loss (here's what our[...]

Christine Lampard opens up about how she’s preparing for motherhood

Wednesday  09:55,   01 august 2018

The TV presenter has revealed the parenting style she’s planning to use.While she’s not at her due date yet, the TV presenter is already thinking about the parenting style she’s going to use when their little one[...]

Five ways to fight the bloat and get a flatter stomach

Wednesday  09:15,   01 august 2018

Ask a group of women what body part they struggle with most and chances are, many will point to their middle.  Sometimes no matter how much exercise you do or how well you eat, its hard to get rid of the bloated, uncomfortable feeling in your[...]

3 ways to minimise stubborn face fat

Wednesday  08:10,   01 august 2018

Is it possible to tone up from the neck up?'Generally speaking, when we gain or lose weight, we are not increasing or decreasing the number of fat cells, called adipocytes,' says Stephen S. Park, M.D., F.A.C.S., president of the American Academy of[...]

5 things you need to know about exercising in a heatwave

Wednesday  07:31,   01 august 2018

The UK's in the grips of a scorcher! Here's how to stay on top of your training without wilting in the heat.As the weather hots up, we speak to personal trainer David Wiener for tips on how to beat the heat and train effectively throughout[...]

Lyme disease: How to stay safe from tick bites this summer

Wednesday  07:25,   01 august 2018

How to avoid tick bites - and what to do if you get oneThis huge discrepancy is due to several factors. It's a disease that's difficult to diagnose, with symptoms that are often non-specific and overlap with other conditions. An extra complicating[...]

6 Signs Your Job is Negatively Impacting Your Mental Health

Wednesday  05:40,   01 august 2018

Job burnout is not a myth. Your job may be 9 to 5, but the stress related to your job can last 24/7. Let’s first measure your own workweek burnout by giving yourself one point for each of the following six signs of job stress that applies[...]

Scientists reveal yet another health benefit of avocado

Tuesday  14:41,   31 july 2018

Avo on toast,[...]

How Kirstie Allsopp maintains her 2 stone weight loss

Tuesday  11:45,   31 july 2018

Kirstie Allsopp has revealed how she maintains her weight loss. The Location, Location, Location star has shed two stoneThe Location, Location, Location presenter, who made a conscious effort to slim down in 2017, has made exercise a big part of her [...]

I'm 24 & I Can’t Spend The Night Away From Home

Tuesday  07:15,   31 july 2018

This time of year, I often find my Instagram saturated with photos of friends’ holidays and I am filled with mixed feelings of sadness, fear and embarrassment: I have never been on holiday with friends, with a boyfriend, or by myself. I have also[...]

Davina McCall reveals the heartbreaking reason why she works out so much

Tuesday  07:10,   31 july 2018

The TV star opens up about why exercise is so important to her.And now the TV presenter has revealed the deeper reason why working up a sweat is so important to[...]

7 warning signs you may have an anxiety disorder

Monday  08:30,   30 july 2018

Here's how to tell if your everyday anxiety is becoming a bigger problem.'If we didn’t have anxiety, we probably wouldn’t prepare for a meeting or a test, or we wouldn’t care what people think,' says E. Blake Zakarin, PhD, assistant professor of [...]

7 reasons you should never drink out of plastic water bottles

Saturday  16:00,   28 july 2018

These are quite[...]