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7 myths you need to stop believing about schizophrenia

Tuesday  17:20,   10 october 2017

​We teamed up with Rethink Mental Illness to dispel the most common misconceptions around this not so rare illnessMyth 1: Schizophrenia is very[...]

World Mental Health Day: How To Help Your Child If They Are Having A Panic Attack

Tuesday  17:19,   10 october 2017
Huffington Post UK

Katie* had her first panic attack when she was 12 years old.“She felt as though she may die,” explained her dad, Tom Grinsted, from Suffolk. “She could not understand what was[...]

Black tea can promote weight loss, apparently

Tuesday  16:15,   10 october 2017

Good news if you love a[...]

Everything you need to know about going on a low-cholesterol diet

Tuesday  13:43,   10 october 2017

The easy way to cut back on cholesterol levels and boost your healthExpert Orla Kearney, clinical specialist liver dietician at the Royal Free hospital in London, describes it as 'a type of sticky fat needed to produce the body's building blocks[...]

Why the 'sockless' trend is bad for your health

Tuesday  10:05,   10 october 2017

This is pretty[...]

The hidden signs of depression in children every parent needs to know about

Tuesday  10:00,   10 october 2017

Primary aged children can suffer depression, yet many parents struggle to spot the signs of a mental health problem in their children, a national poll has found. Research released from The Royal Children's Hospital’s Child Health Poll found [...]

3 ways to be your happiest self, according to 200 experts

Tuesday  09:52,   10 october 2017

These simple practices can help you lead a life worthwhileThe host of the podcast, The One You Feed, Eric Zimmer, recently told Business Insider what he thinks the answer is to a happy life. After speaking with almost 200 psychologists, mindfulness[...]

World Mental Health Day 2017: How to look after your mental health naturally

Tuesday  08:50,   10 october 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

World Mental Health Day 2017 takes place this year on Tuesday, October 10, providing the perfect reminder to take stock of your own mental health. Here we round some tips on how we can all take steps each day to boost our mood and look after[...]

How This Woman Found A Kidney Match On Tinder

Tuesday  08:00,   10 october 2017

Alana Duran didn't set out to find a kidney donor on Tinder, but that's exactly what happened. "I was taken aback because we didn't know each other very well yet, and even people with whom I had been friends for a long time hadn't[...]

Thirdhand Smoke Is Real—Here’s How It Can Damage Your Brain and Liver

Monday  21:27,   09 october 2017
Reader's Digest

Even in this age of nicotine awareness, you may not realize all the good things that happen to your body when you stop smoking. While many people haven’t heard how smoking can ruin their looks and put them at risk for diabetes, most have[...]

What Does It Mean If Your Dreams Are Frustratingly Realistic?

Monday  21:26,   09 october 2017

Sometimes dreams are such a far cry from reality that they do make for somewhat entertaining cocktail party conversation. But what does it mean if your dreams tend to be really boring or literal? First, it's helpful to understand some[...]

Here's Why Poor Body Image Is Bad For Your Health

Monday  21:26,   09 october 2017

Having poor body image isn't just affecting your self-esteem — recent studies have pointed to a link between bad body image and negative health effects. A new survey has found that girls with negative body image are more likely to skip meals,[...]

Over 80% of fitness Instagrammers are women, but the highest earner is a man

Monday  16:02,   09 october 2017
Harper's Bazaar

The gender pay gap[...]

Over 80% of fitness Instagrammers are women, but the highest earner is a man

Monday  16:01,   09 october 2017
Harper's Bazaar

The gender pay gap[...]

Gigi Hadid Celebrates Bella Hadid's 21st Birthday With The Most Adorable Throwback Photo

Monday  14:21,   09 october 2017

She calls her sister her 'forever bestie'Last night, the blonde-haired supermodel posted a picture of herself hugging new born Bella to[...]