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Health & Fitness How to declutter your mind

08:56  20 april  2017
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Below you’ll find ten ways to declutter your mind so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed, get more done, and gain more clarity. If your house is a mess and you need to organize and declutter it, how would you begin?

How do you declutter a mind ? You can declutter your mind with simple actions, things we’ve discussed here before, but things that are almost guaranteed to have a positive effect.

How to declutter your mind © Imagezoo How to declutter your mind Our mind is a terrible thing to waste. Maybe that's why we tend to jam-pack our brains with lots of information, infinite to-do lists, tons of worries and regrets, and loads of self-defeating thoughts. That mind chatter, which is always on heavy rotation, does nothing but make us anxious, stressed, depressed and mentally exhausted.

So how do we turn down the volume on all that noise and silence the incessant voice that's constantly (and annoyingly) whispering about what we should or shouldn't be doing? Pastaveia and Sean St. John of Eco-Conscious Lifestyle are here to help us declutter our overactive, jumbled minds.

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Before we talk about how to use Bright Line Rules, I wanted to let you know I researched and compiled science-backed ways to stick to good habits and stop procrastinating. Want to check out my insights? Download my free PDF guide “Transform Your Habits” here.

When, on the other hand, I walk out into a living room cluttered with toys and books and extra things all over the place, it is chaos and my mind is frenetic. How to Declutter Your Life. Organizing 101: Resolve to Declutter .

1. Stop trying to be everything

A huge source of mind clutter comes from wearing too many hats and constantly being pulled in different directions.

"Sometimes you feel like a prisoner in your own mind. There's so much going on, from work demands to trying to be a good wife, employee, provider, and best friend," Pastaveia says. "You have so many things expected from you, and half the time you get so overwhelmed that it's hard to take a step forward."

Sean agrees, saying there's no possible way to be perfect in every aspect of life.

"When you're thinking about eight different things at once, you can't stop to prioritise which ones you should be focusing on in the present. This is setting yourself up for failure. Not everyone is going to get a piece of that pie," Sean says.

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Here's how to declutter your head and your life. Those piles of clutter aren’t only in your way, they’re weighing on your mind . They represent chores to do, goals to meet, and decisions to make.

Declutter Your Mind (2016) by SJ Scott and Barrie Davenport is a self-help book that has a lot about mindfulness about how to feel less overwhelmed. Meditation and mindfulness are recommended. As is decluttering your house.

Their advice? Make you your No. 1 priority. Focus on your needs and wants without worrying about what others think. Your brain will thank you.

2. Quit multitasking

You might think you're proficiently juggling multiple things at once, but in reality, you're not. Multitasking actually slows you down. As you switch tasks, you're diverting attention from one part of your brain to another, which takes time and brain cells.

Also, the next time you're texting a friend while trying to work on a project, think twice. Research suggests that people who regularly multitask with more than one stream of media at a time are much worse at paying attention, filtering out irrelevant memories, and switching from one project to another compared to those who rarely multitask with media. Focus on what needs to be done first, then make your way down the list. And please put your phone down.

  How to declutter your mind © Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc 3. Do some box breathing

How To Do A 5-Minute Meditation In The Morning

  How To Do A 5-Minute Meditation In The Morning Most people barely have time to get ready in the morning, so fitting meditation into the routine probably feels impossible. But the benefits of a few minutes of mindfulness are clear: Research shows that it helps increase self awareness, lowers stress and improves concentration. So, that sparks the question: If all you have is a few minutes to do it, is that enough? And how do you go about it?Sharon Salzberg, a meditation teacher and the author of Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28 Day Program, says it’s possible.

How does it feel? Great, right? Deep breathing is a simple yet effective technique to clear your mind , induce tranquility and elevate your mood instantly.

It’s important to know how to slow down those thoughts so we can get past the overwhelm. A good way to do this is by completing a brain dump. It helps declutter our minds so we can give ourselves space to think and dream.

Ever heard of box breathing? Pastaveia and Sean learned the technique during their time in the U.S. Air Force. Whenever you're stressed or your mind feels scattered, here's what you do: Breathe in for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, release your breath for another four counts, then sit still for a final four counts.

If you're having a particularly stressful day at work, Pastaveia recommends going to the restroom and doing the box breathing technique in a bathroom stall. Have more time? Meditation and yoga are great ways to center your thoughts, help you focus, and keep you in the present. Both relieve stress and anxiety, make you more mindful, and boost creativity.

4. Write it down

Another way of detoxing your mind is to write down your thoughts. Pastaveia jots notes in her journal right when she wakes up and again before bed, which helps her unpack her day.

"It's a great outlet and it really helps with stress reduction," she says. "It's also super cheap. You don't need to invest in anything fancy - a piece of paper or a notepad is fine."

Pastaveia recommends not only jotting down what's on your mind and highlights from your day, but also listing the things you're grateful for. Positive thinking, people!

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Self-Care - October 2, 2017. How to Declutter Your Mind . So as I’m processing what’s happening in my own brain and trying to get through days without feeling completely tied up in my own head, I’ve been doing A LOT of reading on decluttering the mind .

If so, then our book ( Declutter Your Mind -- How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking) can help. Here, we show you the mindfulness techniques you can use to enjoy greater inner peace and happiness.

5. Do nothing

At least twice a month, Pastaveia and Sean have a "nothing day" where they turn off all their electronic devices and do, well, absolutely nothing. That means no TV, no work, and no chores. In fact, they don't even leave the house. This allows them to take a break to recharge and re-energise themselves and their minds.

"You don't have to accomplish any of the daily obligations you normally have to do from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep," Sean says. Pastaveia agrees, adding, "A nothing day gives you time to reinvest in yourself and reignite your self-love."

If taking a full 24 hours isn't an option, the couple recommends trying to take at least a few hours to unplug, zone out, and let your brain do nothing.

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