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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You, Apparently

Saturday  13:55,   21 october 2017
Huffington Post UK

The position you rest in while going to sleep could provide an insight into where you live, your age and even your profession, new research suggests. The study asked 15,000 people across the globe, including 5,000 people in the UK, about their[...]

Melanie Griffith Reveals Epilepsy Diagnosis: 'I Was Extremely Stressed Out'

Saturday  08:55,   21 october 2017

'I was extremely stressed out,' the actress said.The 60-year-old actress recounted her experiences during a Women’s Health Initiative panel, moderated by Sharon Stone, in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, according to the Hollywood[...]

8 ways to prevent osteoporosis

Friday  15:20,   20 october 2017

Everything from vitamin D to ditching caffeineOsteoporosis is a common condition in which bones become weaker and less dense, and as a result more likely to break (or fracture). It is most commonly found in women but men can also have osteoporosis[...]

Michelle Williams shares struggle with depression

Friday  15:05,   20 october 2017

The singer opened up about struggling with depression for[...]

Strictly's Alexandra Burke reveals how she lost two stone

Friday  10:00,   20 october 2017

And shows off her transformation in an amazing new photoshootAnd the former X Factor star – who has been tearing up the dance-floor on the BBC1 competition – says eating healthy meals regularly and sticking to her fitness regime has given her[...]

6 ways to manage your migraine, explains a neurologist

Friday  09:11,   20 october 2017

Ease the[...]

The health checks you should have throughout your life

Friday  07:55,   20 october 2017

Because it's better to be safe than sorryUnfortunately, it's possible to contract an illness or become unwell at any point in your life, and the best way to avoid this is to get regular tests and check-ups - starting in your[...]

Why Pole Dancing Deserves To Be Recognised As An Olympic Sport

Thursday  19:36,   19 october 2017

A decade ago, the idea that pole dancing could be an Olympic sport would have been as plausible as suggesting gold medals for shopping. But this week pole dancing – or pole, as many who practise it would prefer we call it – was officially recognised [...]

Drinking in front of your kids can leave them 'anxious, embarrassed, and worried' — even if it's just a glass of wine

Thursday  15:06,   19 october 2017

Many of us can relate to having a glass of wine after a tough day at work. In moderation, alcohol can relax us, make us more sociable, and even be good for us. However, it's hardly news that too much of a good thing causes problems,[...]

If You Want to Lose Weight, Stop Cooking With This 1 Common Ingredient

Thursday  10:37,   19 october 2017

This kitchen staple isn't doing you any favors if you're trying to lose weight. Toss it out and do these things instead.We know already that processed foods are something that should be avoided in the majority of our diet, since they have[...]

All Work, No Play? Beat Your Work Addiction Before It Beats You

Thursday  10:35,   19 october 2017

Even though it's been likened to some serious forms of addiction, workaholism is often a glamorised and celebrated part of our culture.ccessfully your business performs. “One of the problems I see from a societal point of view is that[...]

What happens when you swap cardio for weights

Thursday  08:51,   19 october 2017

After failing to see any progress just using cardio machines, Rebecca Smith changed her workout regime. And the difference is astounding. Going to the gym can be daunting, what with all the complex-looking equipment and the people who somehow seem [...]

9 Things You Didn't Know About Grey Hair

Wednesday  16:46,   18 october 2017
Good Housekeeping

Find out what is causing your salt-and-pepper strands.1. Normal ageing is the biggest[...]

How Long Could a Person Survive With an Unlimited Supply of Water, But No Food at All?

Wednesday  14:27,   18 october 2017
Mental Floss

Don't try this at[...]

I'm a size zero. I get shamed for it all the time.

Wednesday  09:10,   18 october 2017
The Week

I'm a size zero. I get shamed for it all the time.As the other bridesmaids paraded in and out of the fitting rooms in the dresses they'd selected, the other women ooh-ed and ahh-ed. Their support was unwavering and genuine. I stepped out of the[...]