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Teen mother, 16, takes two-year-old daughter with her to PROM after being told she'd never finish school when she fell pregnant aged 13

Friday  17:40,   20 july 2018

Kayleigh Snaith, 16, of Co Durham, had her baby, Harley Snaith, when she was just 14 and cruel classmates told her she had ruined her life. But now she has finished school and her GCSEs.Kayleigh Danielle Molloy Snaith, from Stanley, Co Durham,[...]
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6 foods that help with anxiety

Friday  17:30,   20 july 2018

We're making room for lots of oily fish in our lives from now onWhen we feel anxious lots of us reach straight for the caffeine, or opt for salty or sugary comfort foods. But consuming high sugar, high carbohydrate, processed foods, will spike[...]

Johnny Vegas shows off dramatic weight loss as comedian shares shock slimmed-down photos

Friday  11:56,   20 july 2018

The 47-year-old Benidorm star posted the image of his slimmed-down face to his followers on Twitter.The 47-year-old Benidorm star shared an image of his slimmed-down face, as well as snapping up a picture of his healthy[...]

Why this weekend will be very exciting for Prince George

Friday  10:20,   20 july 2018

Prince William and Kate Middleton's son Prince George has a very exciting weekend ahead of him – get the details!Prince William and Kate will most likely spend the weekend celebrating, perhaps with a small, low-key party as they have done in[...]

The 14 best calorie-burning exercises

Friday  09:50,   20 july 2018

Ranked in order of effectiveness .(FYI: calorie burn is estimated for a 125-pound person and a 185-pound person, according to guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine. The more you weigh, the more calories you tend to burn on any[...]

Do Air Squats Burn Fat? Here's What Trainers Had to Say

Friday  08:30,   20 july 2018

Air squats seem to be the favorite bodyweight exercise for HIIT classes and other boutique fitness studios. But are these promises too good to be true? (Spoiler alert: squats alone won't transform your[...]

Ever Wonder If Simply Walking More Can Help You Lose Weight? Here's Your Answer

Thursday  09:40,   19 july 2018

When we think about the things that help us lose weight quickly, our minds automatically go to the more drastic or complicated things: being in a calorie deficit, doing a lot of HIIT cardio, swearing off sugar and soda, etc. Walking may[...]

Bode Miller's Wife Speaks Out After Toddler's Death: 'I Pray No Other Parent Feels This Pain'

Wednesday  15:35,   18 july 2018

Bode Miller's Wife Speaks Out After Toddler's Death: 'I Pray No Other Parent Feels This Pain'The mother of two, 31, shared a photo of hers and Miller’s late daughter Emeline Grier in the snow on Tuesday. Beck Miller shared a[...]

Eight hacks for sleeping in a heat wave

Wednesday  12:56,   18 july 2018

How to sleep in a heat wave – from freezing your sheets to making a cold water bottleSuddenly we're a hot sweaty mess, tossing and turning under the sheets as we desperately try to cool down and catch some[...]

The thing you might not have noticed about Princess Charlotte in this christening photo

Wednesday  09:55,   18 july 2018

There was a sweet detail you might have missed about Princess Charlotte in the official Prince Louis christening photos released on Sunday, which also featured Kate Middleton and Meghan MarkleAnd now that she is a big sister, it is clear that[...]

Why Couples Workouts Bring Out The Worst In Me

Wednesday  08:30,   18 july 2018

Of all the unrealistic posts I've come across on Instagram, photos and videos of couples who enjoy working out together are the least relatable to me. In college, I was a dance major, and my partner was a point guard on our university's [...]

Fans think Prince Louis looks EXACTLY like this other royal in sweet new photo

Wednesday  07:50,   18 july 2018

Do you[...]

I Had Botox Injected Into My Face To Stop Sweating – Here's What Happened

Wednesday  04:50,   18 july 2018

Sandwiched between an armpit and a bulging backpack in a crowded Tube carriage, I quickly began to feel pools of perspiration forming. Our bodies contain anywhere from two to five million sweat glands, with a higher density in the[...]

4 Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods

Tuesday  15:50,   17 july 2018

While excessive consumption is not advised, the moderate use of spices in meals can offer health benefits such as pain relief and lower cholesterol.In moderation, the use of spices in meals has been linked to a number of health benefits. Here are[...]

13 foods to boost your immune system

Tuesday  07:30,   17 july 2018

Chicken soup, yogurt, and moreGetting a flu jab, washing your hands, and staying away from stray coughs and sneezes can help keep germs away, but at some point or another, your body is going to become exposed to a[...]