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Food & Drink 4 Dinner Recipes With No Meat You'll Want to Try This June

18:55  04 june  2018
18:55  04 june  2018 Source:

Recipe: Low calorie courgetti pasta with bolognese sauce

  Recipe: Low calorie courgetti pasta with bolognese sauce Are you trying to eat healthy but finding it hard to make easy meals that the whole family can eat? Well I have a solution for you!My recipe for this low carbohydrate courgetti bolognese is perfect for the entire family, and is lower in calories than traditional spaghetti bolognese.How so? Just swap out white pasta for some finely chopped courgettes.

a plate of food with a slice cut out © Caitlin Bensel With so many fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year, we’re ditching the meat for something a little more plant-forward. So break out the heirloom tomatoes, crunchy radishes, and flavorful asparagus for early summer dishes the entire family will love!

To get you started, we’ve planned out every meatless Monday this June. Now you can focus on enjoying the season’s produce, courtesy of bright salads and creamy pastas, instead of wondering, “what’s for dinner?”

June 4: Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese With Broccoli

a bowl filled with broccoli and rice © Greg DuPree Dry mustard enhances the cheesy flavor of the extra-sharp cheddar, while swapping in brown rice macaroni provides a gluten-free twist on a classic.

View the recipe:Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese With Broccoli

8 Dinners for When Cooking Just Isn’t Gonna Happen

  8 Dinners for When Cooking Just Isn’t Gonna Happen <p>For those days when you get home and moving seems impossible.</p>I’m not entirely sure if making a salad or sandwich constitutes cooking—okay, components of it can—but I’m certain they’re more satisfying than a bowl of cereal. From slice-and-serve caprese to dressed-up cans of chickpeas, there are dinners that don’t require that whole cooking thing. Here, I’ve collected eight of my favorites. After my night off, I’ll be ready to cook again.

June 11: Early Summer Salad with Tempeh Croutons and Beet Dressing

a salad sitting on top of a wooden table © Greg DuPree The secret ingredient in this probiotic-packed salad is the bright pink beet kvass, a fermented beverage. Drizzle it over colorful kale, Easter Egg radishes, and cherry tomatoes for a stunning plate.

View the recipe:Early Summer Salad with Tempeh Croutons and Beet Dressing

June 18: Fig and Arugula Salad with Walnuts and Goat Cheese

a bowl of salad © Caitlin Bensel With 8 grams of fiber, this salad satisfies without the meat. Toss together roasted walnuts, chickpeas, arugula, dried figs, and carrots for the perfect accompaniment to a sweet dressing and chunks of tangy goat cheese.

View the recipe: Fig and Arugula Salad with Walnuts and Goat Cheese

June 25: Roasted Summer Vegetables, Farro, and Herb Dressing

a plate of food on a table © Jennifer Causey This simple salad of green beans, asparagus, carrots, and shallots comes together in just 35 minutes. Mix in a vinegar-based, herb dressing and hearty farro for an ultra-filling meal.

View the recipe:Roasted Summer Vegetables, Farro, and Herb Dressing

Recipe: You need to make this fab chocolate and pecan Banana Bread

  Recipe: You need to make this fab chocolate and pecan Banana Bread If you’re trying to eat healthily, it can be hard to know what to have as a treat with your cup of tea after dinner.&nbsp;Whatever you decide to indulge in, having a homemade treat is always the best idea because you know exactly what has got into it.

Bonus: Vegan Smoked Tempeh BLT

A vegan BLT from Whole Foods went viral earlier this year, and we replicated the recipe with shortcuts. This house-smoked version allows for a truly bacon-like flavor — you’ll never have a BLT quite like it.

View the recipe:Vegan Smoked Tempeh BLT

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Finally, a 7-Day Detox Plan That's Doable: As much as I like to tell diets to go f*ck themselves, I can also admit that a detox would probably do me good. The thought of ridding my body of the bad stuff and feeling noticeably healthier sounds amazing, but I've struggled to find a plan that didn't intimidate me. I refuse to cut carbs for an entire week or limit my food intake to liquids. I want to continue living my life as it is; but maybe just a little healthier. So, I recruited the help of registered dietitian and nutritionist, Lisa Mastela, MPH, RD, to help design a doable seven-day plan that didn't require drastic measures. Lisa made it clear right off the bat that she wasn't an advocate of traditional detoxes (as most registered dietitians aren't) for these reasons: detoxes can actually inhibit, not promote, weight loss; your liver already serves as a built-in detox system, making most detoxes redundant; and many detoxes involve juice, which are typically high in sugar and low in fiber (no fiber, equals no detox). But if your goal is to feel energized or kickstart healthy habits, Lisa's all for a solid detox. Finally, a 7-Day Detox Plan That's Doable

This Genius Ingredient Makes Everything Taste Better—But You’re Probably Pouring It Down the Drain .
Instead of tossing this spicy vinegar mixture, designate it the flavor-packed secret ingredient of all your summer cooking.&nbsp;One of our favorite tricks for adding big, bright flavor to seemingly basic ingredients is to quick pickle vegetables. We love to pickle shallots in red wine vinegar to add zing to tacos or this Soft-Boiled Egg and Radish Smorrebrod. The sweetness of white balsamic vinegar complements these carrot ribbons in a crunchy salad and even distilled white vinegar adds big flavor to simple crudite.


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