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A Child In England Has A Tooth Removed In Hospital Every 10 Minutes Due To Preventable Decay

Friday  07:35,   06 april 2018

<p>Every 10 minutes, a child in England has a tooth removed in hospital due to preventable decay, according to data published by Public Health England (PHE).</p><p></p>PHE’s figures show around 141 children a day – some aged just one[...]

Babies At Risk Of Being Put In Unsafe Sleep Positions By Babysitters And Relatives, Study Suggests

Wednesday  09:00,   04 april 2018

Babies who died in their sleep while being watched by someone other than parents were often placed in unsafe sleep positions, a study has found. Researchers examined more than 10,000 infant deaths from 2004 to 2014 and found that 1,375 cases (13.1%) [...]

What is meningitis B? The symptoms to look out for and how it can be avoided

Wednesday  07:20,   04 april 2018

What is meningitis B? Discover the symptoms, treatment and vaccination for the illnessSo exactly what is meningitis B, and what symptoms should parents look out for? We've rounded up what you need to[...]

Sale of super-sized Easter eggs should be regulated, says obesity expert

Saturday  17:15,   31 march 2018

A growing trend towards selling super-sized Easter eggs should be made regulated, a leading obesity expert has warned.&nbsp;Professor Donal O’Shea said more needs to be done by the Government to crack down on the growing size of high-sugar[...]

‘Arthritis Isn’t Just For Old People’: Six Under 30s Share The Reality Of Living With The Condition

Thursday  16:35,   29 march 2018

Magician Dynamo, 35, has revealed he’s unable to shuffle cards because of arthritis, a condition that causes pain and inflammation in a person’s joints. Arthritis is thought to affect a staggering 10 million people in the UK. The two most common[...]

Universal Flu Vaccine 'Could Be Available In Two Years'

Tuesday  07:35,   27 march 2018

A universal flu vaccine that protects people from all strains of flu for up to a decade could be available on the NHS in as little as two years.  The injection, called FLU-v, created by the British company Imutex, has been found to be more[...]

6 types of stomach pains and what they could mean

Monday  09:01,   26 march 2018

A simple stomach ache can signal several types of health problems.Here, we look at six of the most common stomach issues with the help of Dr Luke Powles, lead physician at Bupa Health[...]

Freezing the 'hunger nerve' could help with weight loss, new study finds

Saturday  12:10,   24 march 2018

Researchers were able to freeze a nerve in the back that carries hunger signals to the brain, lowering patients' appetite and promoting weight loss.The “hunger nerve,” also called the posterior vagal trunk, signals your brain that you're hungry[...]

Example explains how miscarriages affect men too

Friday  14:50,   23 march 2018

Example spoke about miscarriage and how it affects men as well as women. The singer's wife Erin McNaught had a miscarriage in November 2016"It's that age old, almost old fashioned, ideal that men should be tougher and not show their emotions.[...]

To Lose Weight, Change This One Thing in Your Fridge

Thursday  20:05,   22 march 2018

So you want to lose weight? You're not alone. Friends, co-workers, and families are all there to support you, of course. And so is one more friend — and sometimes foe — your refrigerator.&nbsp;The key is six simple words: Keep healthy foods[...]

why are my ears itching?

Thursday  14:30,   22 march 2018

Why are my ears[...]

How To ‘Beet’ Alzheimer’s: Red Vegetable Points The Way

Wednesday  13:38,   21 march 2018

A vegetable compound in beetroot could provide new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, new research suggests. In tests betanin, which gives beetroot its distinctive red colour, suppressed chemical changes linked to the death of neurons.Scientists[...]

20 ways to improve your sleep, ranked from least to most effective

Tuesday  03:50,   20 march 2018

Because not all sleep-well tips are created equalBut there are ways to combat sleepytime struggles and improve your snooze quality. Here, we've ranked them from least to most[...]

Vaping warning as study reveals E-cigs cause liver disease

Monday  19:55,   19 march 2018

Researchers found that high nicotine in electronic cigarettes causes non-alcohol fatty liver diseases in mice. In a 12-week study, they split mice into two groups, one was exposed to e-cigarette aerosol and the other group of mice were exposed to[...]

'I had an allergic reaction to my wedding bouquet'

Monday  18:05,   19 march 2018

Christine Jo Miller hadn't realised the flowers she'd picked were poisonous.Before she got married on September 2, 2017, Christine picked pretty green and white wildflowers that she loved - she wanted to use them as fillers in her bouquet[...]